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Dots… what does it conjure up?


Realising that every word has energy and can conjure something different in us, we laughed about the word ‘dot’ and what that could bring. Once again it was amazing where the word took people.

Polka dots the pattern, on clothes can bring back memories. In fact it reminded me of the polka dot dresses my mother had made for my sister and I to wear for a photo being taken, and realising many years later that we wore the wrong dresses! So it seems my  sister wore a mini while I wore a maxi! We still laugh about it.

And like with anything, what is triggered may differ each time… sometimes funny, sometimes dark, sometimes happy, sometimes deep… however no matter what the emotion, the expression helps to release, to heal and lessen the burden on our internal bodies, minds and spirits.

We are discovering the power of this more and more throughout our poetic expression sessions…
What does ‘dots’ conjure for you?


A dot here
A dash there

So what have you got?
Well quite a lot.

A way to transmit your messages out,
this is what this it’s all about.

A dot here
A dash there

A new invention with a code,
taking you down a future road.
No more flags, mirrors or pigeons,
to send your words to the regions.

A dot here
A dash there

The new fandangle electricity.
So clever in its simplicity.
A new language is about to unfold.
So many stories can now be told.

A dot here
A dash there

On copper wires they will travel.
All sorts of news will unravel.
A new world is upon us,
new wonders to discuss.

A dot here
A dash there

PJR    13.09.2021

I’m just a dot… 

In the scheme of the bigness of the universe
I am a dot

In the scheme of the universal time line
I am a dot

In the scheme of the vastness of the ocean
I am a dot

In the scheme of the global population
I am a dot

And in that dot… 

As small as I am
I reflect the vastness


Just a dot…
Not just a dot!

I’m a dot
that matters!

Dot to dot
It’s a puzzle you know
That forms a picture of what could be

So don’t let our dots,
Lose the plot,
Rather hold the space,
For the human race

TLaB 10th September


Dash dash dot
Dash dash dash

Dot dot
Dash dot dot
Dot dash

Dot dot dash dot
Dash dash
Dot dash dash dot

Dot dot dash dot
Dash dash dash
Dash dash



Join the dots

When I was a child
I joined dots
To make a picture
That was hidden to me before

Once joined I coloured it in
As I realised what the shape was
From my imagination
And my memory

I did not realise how important
A skill this is
Not just as a child
As a person

Not noticing the dots
Not joining them
Not seeing the shape
Nor adding colour

Can often lead me
To miss the path
To move in the wrong direction
The wrong shape

When I look back now
I realise
I missed a number
Of these dots

My life messages
Towards my universal path

I was too distracted
Too put down
Too inside
Too burdened with guilt and regret
Too confused
Too martyred
To truly look out and feel

These days
I notice the stars
The moon
The clouds
The sky

I feel and see dots
All around me
From people,
the environment
The Universe
And within

I feel energised

I feel on my path
Towards no certainty
No permanence
Whatever it is
I feel joy
wherever my dots take me

NRS 13th September

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