Beautiful… poetic expression


The word beautiful arrived at the end of the session, and we realised that no matter the word, we know there are so many expressions to be shared.
Beautiful brought up lots of feelings and emotions which came out in the prose and poetry shared (some below).
There was discussion around the inequities around the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘unbeautiful’. The athletes at the para-olympics, were discussed as Tokyo 2020 has had considerable attention of late. The ‘unbeautiful’ and discrimination that is often felt from those with a disability.
What do you consider as beautiful? And what does that mean and lead to? So much beauty in the world… from the natural and unassuming, to magic moments. Precious moments remembered, are worth reminiscing over. How wonderful that through our poetry and discussion, we share and express what lies within, and that is such a ‘beautiful’ way to both heal and grow, as people.

Beautiful Moments

Losing senses, sight and sound
Much more can become abound
Smell is a wonderful sense
What could be more immense?

Well, one day a gift arrived
Especially for me
A perfume I suspect
In excitement,  can’t wait to see

Opening the ribbon
The ruffle of the paper
Feeling rather child-like
An exciting moment to savour

The giver looking at me with a special grin
I felt so beautiful within
Perfume it was, yes that was true
The name of my gift – BEAUTIFUL



There are no words to describe
the beautiful moments,
that have made me cry.

The wonders I have seen
Special places where I’ve been.
Inspiring conversations,
triumphs over expectations.
Sheer mastery of a skill,
leaves me breathless still.
Mesmerising sounds,
simple and profound.

Then there was you.

That first kiss,
utter bliss,
heart flutters,
when you smiled.
The love I saw in your eyes.
Sunrises shared,
sunsets in bed.

Baths, misty, seductive,
scents and taste,
A touch, a breath, a word.
Weaves a special place,
a thread that consummates.
Those soft, warm
memories, that accumulate.
My rewards,
forever entrenched.
I never wanted it to end.

It did.

I was unable to achieve,
the awe, appreciation and acceptance,
of our beautiful connection.
They now hide deep inside,
my mortal essence.

There are no words to describe,
the beautiful moments,
that have made me cry.

PJR    6.09.2021

Alley cat

I don’t look like others, darkish, tangled, dishevelled
I’m different…

Slick and pretty, cute and appealing, 

Not easy on the eye, yet a heart of gold,
I’m confused…

Outside gloss, inner loss,

Not what the world wants, or wants to own.
I Feel alone…

Everyone wants a piece of me, 

I walk the streets alone, nowhere safe to roam,
I’m scared…

Looked at by those around, beauty buys your way,

I can’t be perfect, it’s not my design,
I’m struggling…

Nothing is perfect, too much to uphold,

How can I show what’s in me? To frolic and play and be,
I’m sad… sad

Who would love me kindly truly deeply? Would you dare?
Do you care? Do you care?

Is it beauty? Whether you can or can’t see it?
I’m lost… lost

What does it take for you to see me, for who I am and what I can be?
I’m invisible… invisible

The beauty of nature, I’m natural that’s me,
As I am… As I am 

Born to be wild, born to be free
A little dishevelled, please still pat me…

Born to be wild, born to be free
Born beautiful, don’t hold that against me… 

TLaB 4th September 2021

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