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Déjà vu – poetic expression

‘Déjà vu ‘ – from the French word Deja Reve meaning ‘already deemed’ where there is the feeling of having already dreamed or experienced something that is currently being experienced.

Has it happened to you? So many examples of this incredible sensation common to many. So much to wonder about. It took our expressions into different directions.

Hope you enjoy the expressions and please feel free to explore this word, and let your feelings flow out. Where does it take you?

Feel free to join in with this unique approach we journey through each week. It’s more than the word, it’s where it leads us, it’s what arrives, it’s a gateway to what lies within.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

Next week’s word is ‘suddenly’.

Hope to see you there.

Premonition or Déjà vu?

There is for me an unexplained difference
A fine line between premonition and déjà vu
A conflict amplified by one experience
That in so many ways is a mystery
An incident that belies belief
Even if I believe it to be true

On a rainy night
A taxi ride
Windscreen wipers distorting light
Orange green red black and 
Then approaching a set of traffic lights
Flashing amber that time of night
Then feeling I’ve been here before
The word “Stop” was to be heard
The driver reacted to my cry
As a car from our left came speeding by.

Sitting in our silence broken by nervous laughter
The cabbie driver said,” that was bloody lucky”
Neither of us spoke again
Until I prepared to pay my 
I’m heading home to the wife and kids
No way I’m tempting fate”

In bed looking to find some peace
I tossed and turned trying to 
Unfathomable surreal 
What prompted my reaction that saved two lives?
Premonition or déjà vu?
I’ll leave that answer for you.

PJR    22.05.2023

Evolution visits

The essence of the spirit holding all that has been
Is within everything… me 

As I see a fossil embedded in a rock at the shore
I pause I wonder I feel 
A sense of time arrives
The endless sunrises sunsets 
Waves crashing along the shore 

As I hear birds sing and nature around me 
I pause I wonder I feel 
A sense of vibration arrives
The endless sounds radiating
From under, over and inside out of me

As I walk my path meandering about my every day 
I pause I wonder I feel 
A sense of the miracle 
The changing moments 
The seasons, people moving, creating 

Then there’s some moments 
I pause I wonder I feel 
As though I’ve been here before 
A familiarity so certain 
There’s no curtain 
Between what was and what is 

How do I explain?
My attempts 
More in vain 
Especially when the detail
Of what I see 
In front of me 
Has existed before… 
A phenomena I’m sure 
Where my body cells 
Keep the score 
As evolution visits 
And appears at the door 
Of my reality 

TLaB 22st May 2023

Déjà vu

Déjà vu, how beautiful your sound is, 
classic filled with mystery.
It must be very cool to meet you too, 
to experience that familiar feeling. 

What about predicting your future?

For me, sometimes I am really curious to know, 
what my future career will look like;
how about my future partner? 
What does he look like?
What does he do? 
Oh, what about his personality? 
I want to know them all. 
But, I can’t. 

So how can I take it as a blessing?
Because this is out of my control. 

I think I have some answers. 
Every day for me will look brand new. 
I can have countless possibilities ahead.
And there will be so many exciting adventures to take. 
I just need to be more imaginative to plant my own dreams. 

So Deja Vu, 
I think I am ok to live without you now. 
But I will hum your classic sound while dreaming my own dreams.

XQZ 22nd May 23

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