Suddenly… poetic expression

‘Suddenly ‘ – what a great word! Where does suddenly take you? Perhaps you have used it to describe something that happened? Perhaps you have used it to tell a story?

Hope you enjoy the expressions and please feel free to explore this word, and let your feelings flow out. Where does it take you?

Feel free to join in with this unique approach we journey through each week. It’s more than the word, it’s where it leads us, it’s what arrives, it’s a gateway to what lies within.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

Next week’s word is ‘Comic’.

Hope to see you there.

An incident

Stop step back turnaround

don’t go where they expect

suddenly confronted

in an unravelling event

split second avenues of escape

swirl around in my head

time slows down

my involvement

in a random drama 

unfolding ahead

Stop step back turnaround

don’t go where they expect

PJR  29.05.202


I am born 
Not sure what is ahead of me 

I am at school
So many things I can be 

I can drive 
More places to visit and see 

I’m a wife
No longer free

I’m a mum 
Amazingly full of glee 

I’m unwell 
Cancer! Really…

Time for silly! 

I wake up
A divorcee 

What I couldn’t imagine 
Living as me

I realise 
How stealthily 
And passes

No longer
Just moments
The throes of life 
Until it’s over 

TLaB 29th May 23


Many times, we want things to happen quickly, 
but usually the world doesn’t work in that way.

However, this Thursday is an exception. 
Suddenly I received two invitations in the music space on the same day. 
One is to perform at an aged care home,
and the other one is to sing children’s songs for an album.

I couldn’t believe that. 
I am so lucky.

But after rethinking, 
maybe they are not coincidences. 
They are the result of my hard work. 

This January, I released my first original song, Swimming and Me,
so the producer saw the great potential in my voice to sing children’s songs. 
Last year I have performed in front of a music school founder and told her about my
desire last month, 
so she thought of me when needing other performers.

Maybe the person who I need to thank the most is myself.
Thank you for being persistent on working on your art,
thank you for not giving up,
thank you for doing something that you like.I will keep creating,
because I can’t wait to embrace other sudden lucky moments in the future.

XQZ 29th May 23

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