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We started this week’s poetry, with a question: Are you comfortable? Here’s the chat that followed, and below are 3 poems that lead us into a wonderful ripple of perspectives…

On this cold night, Nigel decided to experience the discomfort of the cold… outside, short sleeved, cold night.

We do seek comfort? What is that? Sometimes a memory of relationship or something can bring comfort… 

it can bring something that we can’t currently find… Sometimes it helps us to know what that comfort is and what that was… 

We look for comfort now for the future, and yet it can be from the past… 

Wee could go back to the pain or go to comfortable feelings it brought. Even your memories could be glass half full or glass half empty. 

 A smell can bring comfort, of a memory… a place to savour, that is brought to a current moment. 

Even something that didn’t happen as we fully hoped – it was just a moment, and in that way it brought comfort. 

Perhaps it is just moments to appreciate… Memories come out when needed to bring comfort… they lie in a cocoon…

Often we don’t recognise them or there to access at any time….   We can do more with the moments fo the past that were beautiful… spending too much time planning the future… 

A private space just for you…  where satisfaction can reside…Nowadays the system wants us to be consuming / consumers, looking for the new, what’s next… 

Change for change sake is part of the system… 

If you stand outside the norm, which is the truth… not many people are up to listen… it might be against the trend… 

The past, the merit from the past… We often don’t take the time. This may be linked to history and not appreciating the elders, the stories that hold the richness of knowledge and wisdom… 

People say busy minds… the distraction. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, That can feel challenging and uncomfortable.

“When I  feel comfortable I feel nurtured; Warm, soft, calm, safe” 

Nigel stayed relaxed in the cold, and his body adjusted to the cold… and he was able to focus on what he truly felt.

The cold doesn’t feel as painful… No goose bumps… now that says something! 

For some people, comfort would be no pain… “Actually a break from some pain would bring some comfort…”

“Knitting brings me comfort… it’s therapy. It takes me away from my problems… “

Without pain… I feel more comfortable…

“I feel comfort in myself… when I don’t have to answer to anyone… I do more as I feel and how I like things to be… freedom brings me comfort… “

“When I’m home I feel safe, because as you get older, you may be taken advantage when you look vulnerable out.”

At home… a place that…  That’s next week’s topic… 

An Ode to Comfort…

An advert once said

‘Softness is a thing called comfort’

Is that true for you?

What is comfort?

Is it what you live in?

Sit in?

Lay in?


Is it what you drive



Do for a living?

Is it importance




When we come down to it

In a heart-based world

Maybe it is how you feel, who you help

Who you are with

Comfort even when you are on your own

With your self

your inner-self

Heart, mind, body, soul

When you find comfort there

It can then be everywhere



A love lost is my comfort

It gives me pause when

I’m down.

Allowing me to relive

and give sound,

To my mixed emotions,

I’ve never lost.

The sense of longing,

In my heart it cost.

A feeling, a belonging,

of a special kind,

which I miss.

I know full well,

I can find this bliss,

by wrapping my loss,

in a cocoon.

Unravelling it when

I feel the gloom.

The shadow,

of comfort rises,

It casts no surprises.

Providing me with,

a warm blanket of peace.

Oh, such a fulfilling feast.

This person in my arms

To hold and touch once more

I still feel in my core,

The profound comfort,

Letting life troubles fall away

and live,

In small moments,

of unfrozen time,

which my memories give.

To dream, to embrace,

the could have been.

Accepting it is something,

I can’t redeem.

Like the leaves that,

in winter fall,

To allow the trees,

to survive the cold.

Regrowth can unfold,

and blossom once again.

So too, when,

I’ve lost my way.

A love lost,

is my comfort.

PJR    28.05.2021


Mothers and babies

Eyes connecting

Souls unite

Love, injecting

Smells inviting

Touch uniting



The peace of knowing

The art of growing

Safety as comfort

Clouds soft and white

Safety as Discomfort

A powerful fright

The Comfort of care

The comfort of dare

The balance we share

Yet Are we aware

Now home alone

My how I’ve grown

To be alright

In the dark of night

With peace in the breath

And No fear of death

The rhythm of life

Feels all so nice

The comfort of the sea

Can appease

Then there’s the trees,

the birds and bees

The sound from above

The vibration of love

The earth deep below

frolicking to and fro

So come (to my) fort

I’ll show you the way

Tear down the wall

And live life and play


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