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Is it a matter of fate?

Fate – our groups expression of fate… 

Our destiny our fate, tonight trouble with technology, what is that?

Was it our fate? Some things are best not to think about. Just accept… 

Fate. Can you gamble responsibly? Luck when you win, Fated to win… 

When you believe, is that fate?

Things happen when they are meant to….

Che sera sera… When it is time to go – fate.

Fate is a way of explaining the unknown… 

Sometimes a pause can make the difference between life or death

We look for signs that explains the reason something happened. We look to make sense of things.

There are so many lost moments in our life. There are also many great moments… 

Zeus on the throne – the way to balance. Between good and bad is the shadow… 

50 shades of grey…

As fate would have it,  we have had a jumbled night


Which road in life shall we take?

As the three goddesses spin our fate.

They ensure that as mere mortals how we will live

To the laws of the universe that we can’t outlive.

Clotho she who spins the threads of life,

Lachesis she draws the lots that causes strife,

Atropos she chooses when our thread of life will end

They have set out how our lives will be condemned.

They personify what we believe to be fatalism.

It leaves us with little or no optimism,

For our lives are preordained and inevitable.

You see our destiny is no longer questionable

So just sit back and enjoy the flow

All our misfortunes help us grow

For our trials and tribulations help us to see

That, what is to be, will be.

Or not…

PJR    23.05.21

Fate or destiny

path or purpose?

how do we know

when we are on course?

When good things happen

or bad things occur

do we ‘deserve it’

or is it karma?

Sometimes things feel ‘right’

even when they may be ‘wrong’

and occasionally when, the stars align

we just want what we have to keep rolling on

If it is fate,

what do we do?

can we stop it or change it?

Maybe send a good ripple or two

To be all that we can

caring for ourself and the rest

reaching our potential

always doing our best

Is the future ours? who knows?…

Or the present? No guarantee…

Maybe the universe knows

what is our destiny…



What is your ‘fate?’

Is it to be ‘fat?’

Not an easy ‘feat’

To ‘eat’ more than you need,

Too much coffee and not as much ‘tea’

Is it credit or ‘EFT?’

Do you like ‘feta’ or normal cheese?

Within the word,

As you can see,

are other words…

Oh deary me!

OK now seriously,

this four-letter word,

suggests things happen,

without your accord.

Perhaps a destiny

Beyond your reality,

More like magic,

An amazing duality.

According to Dorothy,

As above, so below,

But is this our path,

How will we know?

By chance or not,

How does it show?

Sliding doors,

Which way to go?

The clues arrive,

AS we look back on life,

The ups and downs,

The joys, the strife.

So life as a whole,

Begins to make sense,

No need to doubt,

Or sit on the fence.

So, trust in what happens,

That’s you and me,

Fate more like destiny,

It is just meant to be…

So, what is your fate,

In this moment of time?

It’s not yours to know,

Before you do find…

From the smallest, to the universal,

One thing is for certain,

Fate, destiny or other,

Life is no rehearsal.

Sometimes it feels comforting,

Sometimes it feels bad,

No matter which one,

Of life I am glad.

So, enjoy the nuances,

the miracles, the tragic,

The nature, the patterns,

The proof of the magic.


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