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‘Blushing’ (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression

This word seemed like it would bring up lots of interest and stories, and it did! For some ‘blushing’ can be challenging because of the what it may conjure to those experiencing it. There is a science and physiology behind it, related the ‘fight or flight’ response in us as humans. For anyone who has felt it, it does not feel comfortable…and often relates to some strong emotions within us.  We discussed the notion that felt ‘blushing’ tells us something – which is often related to our sense of safety, that usually lies very deep within us. What does it say to you?
And just for your information, next week’s word is ‘perfect’. This word came up through the session on ‘blushing’. We look forward to seeing what this brings up. Hope you enjoy the expressions below.

PS the word for next week is ‘Perfect’.


The kettle had boiled
Its whistle calling
The toast and jam enjoyed
His new day was dawning
The weight of lingering dreams
Gradually fading away into memories
The morning light growing bright
Time to start his future life
As he closed the gate, he turned
His cottage looked back, solid, firm
Following the lazy stream into town
Inside nerves and butterflies churned around
With determination and pride in each stride
He reached the garden glad to find
The owner as arranged had supplied
His freshly cut gift, wrapped and tied
His excitement no longer restrained
He knocked on the doors wooden frame
A smile from deep within was soon replaced
As the door opened upon a strangers face
Questions and answers on the stoop outside
He made his apologies and left crying inside
Sitting on the stone wall by the church
He unwrapped the precious gift feeling the hurt
He held the flower with a touch of tenderness
As it was a symbol of the depth of his fondness
He was to ask the love of his life who’d just died
To become his one and only blushing bride

PJR   28.02.2022


Taking in the views from the step of the old house
she had lived in since she was young,

With the rolling hills as the backdrop in the distance
and the luscious green shrubs within reach,

The young girl became mesmerised, engulfed by the colour,
sound and breeze that swirled around her

Breathing easy, time passing gently
Feeling the blessing of life…

Then from within the house,
Her father’s shout broke her peace….
Something had happened… oh gees!!

She flinched at the thought it was something she had done
Feeling sad trouble looming – that’s no fun

She knew she would face the emotional onslaught
triggered by his assumption that it was her – of course…

Although just a child, her vision was clear,
Irrational jeer was near,

Feeling sad – that once again she would be in the firing line
And she had lost that moment when she felt so sublime

Then it came… The moment that broke her spell
Her face blushing as he began to yell

From pink to violet, deepening to red
This reaction something, she has come to dread

An uncontrollable response she can’t seem to hide.
Despite the many times she tried.




Oh no, here it comes again
My face reddening up
The sweating has begun
Can I hide behind my cup?

That is what I want to do
Yes hide… as everyone can see me weaken
If I could disappear too
Rather than being this giant red beacon

Whenever I get this trigger
When talking to someone
That I am in trouble or bigger
That they can see something I have done

It is like they can see right through me
To somewhere deep in my heart
Why does that trigger me
To become red and want a rushed depart?

I must try and stop it
Hold my breath, distract
The more I try the ‘reddening quit’
The more the red, sweat and voice react

Why now, when I am at a table
Of workmates, friends and/or family?
There is nothing said that is questionable
Yet I feel so small and start to act clammily

Then the dreaded words come
‘You’re going red’
I then overload and some
‘No!’ I have always said

I went to see a doctor
To get medication as a cure
A few month of beta blockers
Left me feeling more insecure

So, how did I get through this
Might be what you ask
Where I no longer fall into an abyss
Or 24/7 wear a full face mask


I learnt to let go,
Let it happen
Express what I truly know
And live my passion

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