Blind (poetic expression)

It was on ANZAC day that we came together with our expression about the word ‘blind’. 

Some would see the connection between the two, while it wasn’t intended. 

For our ANZAC soldiers landing at the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, on that fateful day in 1915, in a way were ‘blind sided’ by the miscalculations in the planning, that lead many soldiers to their deaths. 

On the ANZAC theme, we have also included a beautiful poem by Neil Andrew, ‘I spoke to you in whispers’ in remembrance of the horses who were also sacrificed.

Blind/s… amazing where it took us, and grateful we came together to express and share perspectives, stories and memories. 

Where does it take you? 

Next week’s word is ‘ghost’… I wonder where that will lead us?


each sense has its strengths
look upon your hand
and five senses
are represented
If you lose one of
the fingers on this hand
is it not still your hand?
I use all my senses collectively
the same way as you might
my lack of sight
has no bearing on my
sensory acuity for insight
one picture for you 
might be worth more 
than a thousand words
for me a thousand words
brings me clarity and delight
my perception of the world
is filtered without my sight
think on this awhile
What sounds do you see?
What colours do you see
when that soft gentle 
wind carries the suns
warmth upon your skin?
Can you see the sound
of a mosquito on a 
dark moonless night?
Or locate without
your eyes the distance
to a dripping kitchen tap?
it’s true I can’t see
my shadow; yet
I hear it does exist
for me “seeing is
believing” is mute
Do I need to see the bee
to know that I’ve been stung?
I can imagine situations
like you through my
self-talk called thoughts
I’m just as capable as 
you to misjudge in
communicating my 
emotions and feelings 
my first person experiences
are as subjective as 
they are for you
my life without light in 
no way limits my foresight
I perceive the word saw or see 
and use it differently
so to answer this question
What sounds do you see?
What will your answer be?

PJR    25.04.2022

Blinded by the light

I saw him in the distance, 
swooning and gliding, in flight, 
enjoying the day, his plight… 

Amongst the trees, like a buzzing bee,
sun pouring
through the leaves…

Separated from others in flock, 
what happened next 
was a shock…

With wings flapping, a force to behold, 
towards the window,
the glare of gold… 

Blinded by the light, 
caused him 
a terrible fright… 

A huge thud, but still alive,
it knocked him out,
a sudden dive…

Running frantically to see his state,
praying silently 
for his future fate… 

Then before my eyes, hope arrived 
in what looked like his partner, 
I nearly cried…

Like he cared enough
to be there for his friend
didn’t want a bad end… 

Seemed it didn’t take long, 
before the two of them 
were gone… 

It started with a short flight, 
then a street walk waddle, 
what a delight!

I just couldn’t believe my eyes, 
their connection, 
so wise…

I realised just how blind I was
to birds 
of this kind…

Blind to see, feel, hear and sense
thinking I knew, 
such pretence

Blinds opened, blinds closed… 
unknowns in the gaps, 
what do I know?


25th April 2022


There are people who are blind and cannot see,

Also, people turn a blind eye not wanting to see.

Blinds are made for windows and doors

Fitting from ceiling to floor.

Blinds made for patios keeping out the sun,

To protect us from the outside elements which is no fun.

Furry friends become blind as they grow old 

Looking for us to protect them into our fold.

I hope I’ll never go blind and not able to see,

I’ll count myself fortunate and that’s me.

LMol 25th April 2022

I spoke to you in whispers

Neil Andew

I spoke to you in whispers

As shells made the ground beneath us quake

We both trembled in that crater

A toxic muddy bloody lake

I spoke to you and pulled your ears

To try and quell your fearful eye

As bullets whizzed through the raindrops

And we watched the men around us die

I spoke to you in stable tones

A quiet tranquil voice

At least I volunteered to fight

You didn’t get to make the choice

I spoke to you of old times

Perhaps you went before the plough

And pulled the haycart from the meadow

Far from where we’re dying now

I spoke to you of grooming

Of when the ploughman made you shine

Not the shrapnel wounds and bleeding flanks

Mane filled with mud and wire and grime

I spoke to you of courage

As gas filled the Flanders air

Watched you struggle in the mud

Harness acting like a snare

I spoke to you of peaceful fields

Grazing beneath a setting sun

Time to rest your torn and tired body

Your working day is done

I spoke to you of promises

If from this maelstrom I survive

By pen and prose and poetry

I’ll keep your sacrifice alive

I spoke to you of legacy

For when this hellish time is through

All those who hauled or charged or carried

Will be regarded heroes too

I spoke to you in dulcet tones

Your eye told me you understood

As I squeezed my trigger to bring you peace

The the only way I could

And I spoke to you in whispers……


We can go down blind alleys 
In pursuit of our own interests
The military can blind us with science
When robbing our budget blind
When we are in a bind
We are often flying blind
How is it that FOFB
Is more important than FOMO?

Sometimes we cannot see
When the answer is right in front of us
Or we express our outrage
By liking a post or advert on a bus 

How do we stand by
When others are suffering
Is blindness literally seeing
Or feeling what others are feeling?

In elections do we vote
For parties that will care
Or for those that promise to suit
our interests more than be fair?

People in Ukraine are being bombed and killed as we speak
Our Government sends arms and political rhetoric
We shout at China for domestic vote gain
Whilst keeping people out and not feeling the pain

The UN is stymied from action
By the permanent fives
Each can veto any action
That might save lives
This imbalance was designed in
To make some more powerful than others

If only we realised
That each individual has powers
To live, to create, 
To contribute, to relate
To express, not dictate
To free, not negate
To disarm, not detonate
To love, not hate
To lift, not deflate
To act, not wait,
To highlight, not negate
To be true, not conflate
To enliven, not sedate
To breathe freely, not be controlled by the state
To work together and innovate
To encourage and motivate
To care and elate

May be we can see the power of one
That is the power in each one of us
To truly be all of who we are
In all our moments and situations
So we are no longer blind
So we truly see what is happening and what we can do.(NRS)

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