Birth (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression

Birth… an arrival. Many memories and stories told about the nature of the arrival / birth of those close to us. And of course there is the arrival, the ‘birth’ of things new…

Within our own lives, within our selves and the things around us, new things are born each day.

What does ‘birth’ conjure for you? Where does it take you and how would you express that?

We hope you enjoy the read, and perhaps express your own feelings about the word ‘birth’.

Feel free to join in on our expression session. Next week’s word is ‘blind’.

Here I am

come on 
give it one
 last push
that’s it keep
 it going
I can see

it Mum
a light
at the end
of this tunnel
you beauty 
I’m so close
that’s it
breathe, one, two, 
on the third
push Mum
here I am
someone better 
get ready to
catch me.

wow what
a journey
no wonder it
took all of
nine months
not sure
about this
coming out
head first
so what’s
this place?
hey, whoa

no more of
 this slapping
yeah, you got 
me screaming
well done, 
no more Doc
or I’ll cite 
you for 
child abuse
come on 
where is it?
no more playing
around nurse
I need my fix
stop with all 
this swaddling
this little man
needs a drink
Ah, the sweet
taste at last
now that was 
worth the wait
who’s this moron
blubbering away?
don’t tell me
 that’s my dad.
toughen up 
big boy 
there’s worse 
to come
this is just 
the birth
wait until I 
turn two
you’ll regret
what you and 
mum got up to.

PJR    18.04.2022

Birth and rebirth

I do not recall how it felt 
To exist from the first moment
To ingest kick and move to get out
Preparing for my life-enrolment

When the time came for me to arrive
apparently I came out quite smoothly
With a first breath and scream to survive  
I then slept and was not unruly

I have also witnessed it from live scans
A child of mine living in the womb
And the movement of his hands
Comfortable in this special room

What is the difference 
between conception and birth?
The moment of creation
 and the first breath outside on this planet earth?

It maybe 
It is living with every breath

I have experienced the miracle
The birth of someone new
A unique individual
With its own way to feel and view

The start of new life
Not just for the born
Also for where we feel strife
Letting it go from the morn

When my children were delivered
I loved them from before the start
A knowing that was so vivid
Realisations from my heart

I did not name them straight away
Preferring to understand them better
So ‘blue’ and ‘pink’ were they
Until their names came as a letter

I had a boy and a girl
Which brought years
Life in a whirl
Of smiles and tears

I remember it all
And learnt so much
It was often a ball
Our hearts in touch

My children grew up to want a better place
In which every living being wants to live
Where people can be happy
Where everyone can give

This, I share with them
As I have since day one
And as I write this poem
I hope that better times will have begun

Whilst the ‘news’ often reports the bad
Leaving many feeling isolated and sad
We can choose to live each moment
A rebirth of kindness and enjoyment

For life… :) 


When one soul leaves
Another arrives

The ebb and flow of the universe so wise… 

In 2011, dad died
In 2012, our first grandchild arrived

A lot happened between the death and the birth

My daughter’s intuition
Told her to tell him that day,
In intensive care
That his first great grand child was on his way. 

His day to day decline,
Hope then despair 
The doctors did declare
The challenges beware

we waited and watched
Til the last day arrived…
Time to say goodbye
As his soul did fly
Out of his body 
Before our eyes… 

Nine months later, 
When my daughter’s labour began…
We were in the waiting room
When the sound
Of the bell rang… 

Oh no, I can see…
This birth 
is not as it is meant to be 

Code blue,
What is that?
The anxiety too much,
Two women crying, 
The hugs, The comfort of touch… 

Then finally the relief
No longer the grief
Instead, a sign
That he was fine

Sidney Hugo born
At an amazing time
22:44 how significant 
So Devine… TLaB


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