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Birthday – poetic expression

‘Birthday’ – we all have one. The day we are born, a marker for our annual celebrations. We all experience that birthday differently and have our own feelings, and thoughts about what it means and what we want from it.

What does it mean to you? What arrives? What stories or significant moments or memories present?

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘moth’

Hope to see you there.

Leap ahead

Time to celebrate my date of birth

It rolls around like regular clockwork

A reminder to myself and others

That I’ve passed some more time on this earth

Cards, texts, presents and party hats

Phone calls, photos, cakes and candle wax

Traditional songs, food and culture

Marks a special ritual in my life

So I need to share some facts 

On my next birthday you’ll find

My birthday will be on February Twenty Nine

It only rolls around every four years

So that means I’ll be turning eighteen 

You see I’m a leaper still in my teens PJR    17.10.2022

Moon what?

Why are birthdays important 
And celebrated each year
After all it is called a birthday
Not a BirthYEAR with annual cheer

I get that there’s a moment
A date/day/time of birth
Related to when we came out
Or were born with tears or mirth

It is the celebration, I query, 
the rigid annual convention
It cannot be late 
or forgotten
When forgiveness can be the ask or beg
As when missing it ‘means’ something in the ‘neg’

Spare consideration
Of the person whose birthdate arrives
Getting all those well wishes
When all they may want is disguise

Some want it remembered
Some want it forgotten
Some want big parties
Some want silence at home
Some are joyous on the day
Some are sad and wanna keep it at bay

Some put it on Facebook
And get that cake symbol
So that on the day or around it
People with messages get nimble
Why do we seek the annual applause
And celebrate with a tear
When we could feel joy, love and appreciation
For every moment in every year?

NRS 17th October 2022

The day

A life enjoyed 

  • a life ahead –

Prepped for the operation 

  • bag packed in the car –

Nervous time

  • excitement building –

Farewells said in case

  • names ready –

Complications possible

  • contractions steady – 

Surgeon’s delicate precision

  • long way to go –

Taking longer than expected

  • getting more intense – 

Heart struggling

  • cervix dilating –

Breathing staggered

  • head crowning –

Heart-beat diminishing

  • breath wakening –

Gentle gurgle

  • scream deafening – 

Soul departing

  • soul arriving –  

Goodbye Dad

  • welcome Sid – 

Anniversary of death

  • anniversary of birth –

To remember

  •  time on earth – 

TLaB 17th October 22

One O’Clock

As I commence this day
Feeling the usual dribble
The same routine no spark or rhythm
Here we go again

There goes the phone
My friend Marge for sure
She always rings on Tuesdays
The same old chat, I guess it’s kinda nice

Oh an invitation for brunch
I believe that’s late breakfast early lunch
In eagerness I accept
I feel a spark in my day

Laying out my best attire
Excitement building, must look my best
Marge picks me up on the dot
Off we go, such good friends

She is such a tonic 
I love her outlook
Lifts the day, including me
I listen with enthusiasm

Oh my gosh it’s one o’clock
What a meal, what a chat
I so enjoy Marge, she’s good for me
Sees things that I can’t see

We arrive home, another cuppa afoot
A natural trend we follow
Not feeling the usual dribble at all
In fact, feeling rather special

Well, it’s not my birthday that’s for sure
It just goes to show
Forget the out of sorts day
A special day did follow 

CCon 17th Oct 22

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