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Moth – poetic expression

‘Moth’ – the word for the week.

It was interesting to hear more about the moth. Similar to the beauty of a butterfly, however with difference.

It appears that moths tend to be stockier and have furry bodies, whereas butterflies are smooth and lean. Difference also in their array of colours, and moths have been known to cause grief, when they enter the home, as they are able to feed off many types of things for their survival.

So, what do moths conjure for you? Where does it lead you? You never know what associations or triggers arrive and this week showed that for some of us.

We hope you enjoy our poems this week.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘colour’

Hope to see you there.

Nine times I use your name Ms. Moth

Unlike Butterflies Moths prefer to fly at night

Their Motherboard of genetics

Tiny small medium or mammoth

Are seeking out the moonlight

To suck nectar of flowers and lichen to drink

Motherhood drives their dreams with instinct

When as larvae they devour our woolen knits

You can smother them with mothballs to reduce the risk

From caterpillar to flying towards the light

In the darkness they try to survive by flight

From birds spiders who hunt and kill them on sight

Then there’s the danger of artificial and firelight

Smothering the Moths ability to hide out of sight

And the chance to find a mate who is Mr. Right

Another story in the steps of Mother Nature’s plight

PJR    24.10.2022

Beautiful Moth

I travel around hoping for light 
Sometimes I get trapped while in flight
I am weirdly attracted
I do not know why
It just happens whenever I fly

Except when it is the sun
Which is on in the day
If I head for it
I often lose my way
I get blown by the wind
And downed by the flood
I am pretty sure that I have little blood

So if you see me flapping around
It is not really the flame
That draws my aim
I am navigating
Using the moon and stars 
The heat or light may create a trail
Whether I am male or female

Please do not harm me, when I am about
Depending where I am, please let me in or out
I will do my best not to eat your clothes
And keep safe from all my foes

I feel that I am not as pretty as a butterfly
Or as lazy as a sloth
I am just me…
A beautiful moth


Your spirit

You left us 11 years ago today 
It was sad watching you slip away 
I had so much more 
that I wanted to say 

I held your hand
and didn’t understand 
the point you wanted to make
before you were induced
no longer awake

Not long after you passed away
I saw a moth in the corner
It felt like it was your spirit 
paying me a visit

Since then, it’s come to be
you often arrive at night 
when I turn on the light
Even though 
you’re not a pretty sight 
it feels right 
to chat with you
and ask for advice 
just as it was 
just because 
I love you… 

TLaB 24th October 2022

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