Alien – poetic expression

‘Alien’ – different ways of using the word; as a noun or an adjective. So where did the word take us this week. It seems there were some great themes that arrived, and opened up deep conversation and discussion. That’s what this type of expression does. Lovely to be able to express freely and explore through honest feelings.

It seems the feeling of alienation, came through in the poems. We shared the concept of feeling and looking different, and what that leads to.

What does the word conjure up for you? Perhaps you may have felt alien at some moments in. your life? Love to hear what that is for you.

We hope you enjoy the diversity in the way these expressions arrived.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘manners’

Hope to see you there.

An Alien call to country

(A message from the White Australia Party)

Move on
You don’t belong here
You’re not like us
Never have been
We are bound under one flag
One religion, one belief
We are superior to you in every way.

Our restrictions on your kind
Lets’ us become strong
You will never
Be part of our pure white blood.
In all aspects
Of our modern society
You are inferior
Misguided miscreants and malcontents
We don’t tolerate
Free choice for your types
You don’t belong here
You abuse
Our Christian kindness
Foregoing salvation
In your Godless tribal rites.

Childish claims
That you profess
That you possess
A spiritual connection
To your country
What a lot of rot
It was with our arrival
With cultivation and husbandry
That made this nation great.

No-one cares for your rights
You people
Have been walking this land
For over sixty thousand years
What did you achieve?
And now you want
To have a voice
In how we
Your imperial conquerors
Legislate and implement our laws
You dare
To accuse us
Of past abuses to your kind
Think again
If you expect a treaty
We were
And still are
The only power to rule this land.

PJR    30.01.2023


My first recollection of aliens 
Was on a TV show
It looked like a man
With 2 antennae rising or falling at will
It was a secret 
That one human kept
So that no one would learn
That the other was a martian

Since then there has been many attempts
At depicting living beings from other planets
From bipeds to monsters
Giant flowers to moving rocks
Then the conspiracy theories abound
As exemplified in Independence Day

There was Star Trek and Star Wars
With investigators
They could all communicate 
With universal translators

It seems that we regard aliens
As those different to us
As though humans are homogenous 
However, we may be far from that
We already treat difference 
as a problem, a threat
Something to be defeated, controlled
Or excluded or ‘cute’
Different by gender, culture
Belief or nature

I feel ashamed people with my colour and gender
We have colonised, ‘cleansed’
Denigrated culture and gender
Crusaded in the name of religion
Causing more harm than benefit in the each region

Difference is treated as a problem, lesser or even a pest to be destroyed
Where far too often In our history there was genocide

However, differences of feeling, behaviour, gender preference or belief
Can often illicit the same type of response
Fear, control, shun, put down, discriminate, incarcerate, and grief

In daily life we participate
Often in a kind of façade
Being ‘nice’ not bringing kindness
How we look rather than how we treat
Our status, rather than our contribution

I often feel like an alien, in that regard
However I like my ‘scales’, ‘antennae’ and the like

There is a truth that I want to share

I am

You are

We are Austr – alien!


I’m different from the rest

Feeling withdrawn, give me a go
So much to absorb that I don’t want to know
How do I direct my thoughts
With my shadow I silently sit
Who can I ring, who can I tell
What turbulence, feels like being absorbed
Into a distant world selected for a few
Why? Just want to be me
As I mingle into the crowds of my day
Feeling suspended on the street
Distanced from the passing throng
I am the only one walking along 
Can anyone see me, hear me
I’m different from the rest
Caught up in my thoughts, can’t comprehend
Feeling alienated into a world of my own

CCon 30th Jan 2023

My Alien Self

From a faraway space 
a cosmic place 
I became born into this way of life 
with many how to’s … 
How to be a baby, grow, learn, fit in, 
buy a house, get a job, find success, and then die 
I am discovering that this experience of life 
has been a construct that has taken me on a journey 
filled with rules and ways that have taken me off track 
from what this life experience is meant to be about
Somehow, I have conformed 
no longer free to feel and experience

learn and grow with what my heart and soul 
has wanted for me from the beginning, to know
When I signed the deal to enter the planet 
they mentioned it would be tricky 
to achieve what I set out 
And they were right
I felt sure it couldn’t be that hard 
to be my true self 
and live on this wonderful planet 

to refine and grow 
But how wrong I was!
I want to be me!  
but somehow, I find myself faltering 
trying hard not to make a mistake 
or upset people 
And caught up in the rules and strange set ups 
that have been created
I’m only just learning that 
it’s ok to be
my alien self – that’s me 
It’s a good thing
So now to find my way to bring me to life
I’ve been given this wonderful chance 
to experience being a human 
and it might be a long time before 
I ever get this chance again
So, I’m ready to bring out my alien 
and find my way to be free… 

TLaB 30th Jan 2023

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