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Worthy… of expression


We shared our thoughts and feelings around the word ‘worthy’… Beautiful open expression with some common themes… Thank you everyone for your contribution to this collage summary, and the individual poems written and shared below. 

I think of the word unworthy more than worthy… I have finally realised that I can write a poem in any way… just as it suits my mind, the way I think…
At times I felt I wasn’t worthy of being loved by someone… Bullying can make people feel unworthy… Do it my way or the highway…

Got to have the strength to see the worth… It’s hard when you’ve had put downs… You don’t deserve this… Who do you think you are?
Everyone tells me I’m not worth it… I’ve spent my whole life battle with this… As women, we often think we are not good enough…

I was once told… you are born worthy and worthiness is your birth rite.. Being born is the worthiness, I don’t have to earn it…
Doesn’t matter what I do I am still worthy… Respect your thoughts feeling behaviours… We comply because it is what we think it what we’re meant to be… 

For 30 years of my life, I realised only I can be the one to decide… We say self esteem self respect and yet we don’t apply it…
I never feel it is right – I get embarrassed… I don’t feel worthy… Facebook likes to determine worthiness…. 

Seeking external validation…. All to do with self… You actually only find your worth within your self
I visit an elderly man of 98 years of age… Who said he didn’t feel useful – yet he is very bright – 

He lost his best friend and thought I might be someone to become his friend.
I can relate to being seen as a bother… It can relate to confidence… it can relate to conflict… 

Nigel went to Wayville to where the covid vaccination are given… this relates to worthiness, who is worthy of the vaccinations
It may come down to who can afford it… 

It is OK to be human and say what is true… Sometimes we do things we aren’t proud of…Let’s remember we are human… and we do make mistakes…
Just to admit, the threads of what we may feel some of the time, and know that isn’t who we are… 

We miss out on the gifts that people sit on… Because they don’t feel worthy… and that is a shame and a cost to society…
So many passions and gifts and stories missed out on… We are damaging people because of the put downs…


If I am successful, Is that what I deserve?
If that is so, Who is it that I serve?

Am I worthy then? Who is best to answer that?
Is it my boss, my friends or even the feral cat?

Who gets to decide, what I get or receive?
To be worthy, Do I have to deceive?
Surely just being me, cannot be the answer
When I observe so many people, striving, with no laughter

If it was that simple, we would all just relax
Practice being truly us, and leave the racing tracks

So it is more complex, to be worthy in this world
Get to know who matters, Don’t just let things unfold

Try harder, work longer, Get those likes on Facebook
And when you’ve got them, You can take another look

At you, yes, that is what it’s about, To be worthy there can be doubt
Look within, be glad that you are who you are, you do not need the Likes or the flashy car

Know that you are as worthy as you let yourself be
So care for yourself and others, for eternity



Are you worthy to be with yourself?
To listen to and love? To enjoy you?
Your presence – Your company – Your thoughts – Your ideas – Your views – Your wants – Your not wants

What’s it worth?

Worth a lot of money, Worth a look at
Worth listening to, 20 cents worth of mixed lollies
Worth your weight in cocky chow!
Who says it gives worth?

Who determines what is worth?
Only we ourselves can know the worth of something
So, what is being / feeling worthy
A self-determining of what is of value

Based on how you see yourself

I see myself as a servant, not worthy of being served
I see myself as old, not worthy of being useful
I see myself as lesser, not worthy of a position
I see myself as a bother, not worthy of someone’s time

How I see I become to be,
I see you I be you, I see me I be me
I see free I can be, all that is me

Worthy or not, In your eyes or mine
Doesn’t determine, my Right to shine

For what is a diamond worth, who knows?
Depends on what you believe it shows…

Worthy a game… A currency we play
A measure a marker, that can change each day

Worthy is a decision, about how you choose to be
A guide to live by, for you and me

Worthy is a construct, a mind game through and through
An amour in the rat race, a pain we do accrue

A judgement out to torment, what we did or did not do
A carrot we dangle in front of us, pursue, pursue, pursue

Dove… because you’re worth it
What am I worthy of?
Being me, Being who I am, being free.



My mistakes, are not yours, not others, they’re mine alone.
Seek permission, before you comment, on what you question.

Those are your thoughts, they belong, to you, to others, not me.
Respect my thoughts, feelings, language, behaviour.

My words are my meaning.
If in doubt ask for clarity

So you can understand,
not to be my judge and jury.

I grew up being punished, for who I am,
human, fallible, prone to errors.

I learnt how to cover up by,
hiding, lying, complying.

Escaping from, Pain, hurt, conflict.
I’m still growing up;

evolving, changing, letting go.
Now embracing acceptance

This is my life to live.
I honour my truth,
By being worthy, to myself, to you, to others.

PJR    21.06.2021

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