Knit a Care Square


Knit a Care Square is community project where people from all walks of life – age, location, occupation, skill level – (people in aged care facilities, school children, community groups, workplaces, families) contribute towards knitting squares that are eventually joined and distributed to those in our community, who are doing it tough in some way.

We regularly share what is happening. You can visit our blogs here.

How can you contribute or get involved?

  • donate balls of wool (8ply wool)
  • donate our ‘signature blue wool’ used to join squares
  • knit squares (20cm X 20cm square – using size 4 needles)
  • sew in loose threads (using darning needle)
  • design and create kits (that make up to become blankets, usually 6 squares across and 7 squares down)
  • join squares to make blankets (often crotchet stitch, or sewing stitch)
  • have your facility available as a drop off spot (a list of drop off spots are available below)
  • pick up and drop off (squares, blankets, wool etc)
  • gather groups to knit together
  • train others (kit designers, joiners, sewers)
  • share the word
  • or perhaps use a Community Drakes Knit a Care Square swipe tag to assist in gaining credit for wool

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Where do you drop off knitted squares?

  • Blow its a hair thing – Rundle Place, Adelaide 
  • Concept Collections- 48 Birralee Rd Regency Pk
  • Blackwood area – (contact Kay)
  • Flava Food and Coffee – Christies Beach
  • North East area – (contact Gloria)
  • Tea Tree Gully Toy Library (Tues & Thurs 10-1,Wed 2-5)
  • Brother Bear – 10 Gawler St Mt Barker (8-2pm
  • 6 Mitton Court, Mt Barker (box on porch)
  • Arkaba Medical Centre – 257 Fullarton Rd Parkside (ask for Belinda)
  • Hallet Cove and District Lions – Op Shop Shed: 36 Quailo Ave Hallet Cove Thurs&Sat (9:30-12:30
  • Palais Semaphore (gaming room
  • Farm Fresh Market, Murray Bridge ( Tracey)
  • 5EBI Byron Place, Adelaide

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We hope this video makes you smile! 

The ‘raw’ side of creating the blankets.

Here are other ways you could contribute 

Community groups 

Create ‘hubs’ to knit, sew in ends, design blankets, join blankets ready to donate

** This could be created in a rural community, or another state, or country!

(We can help kick start the project, based on what has helped so far)


  1. Learning and meaningful activity: teach knitting, make squares, design and join blankets
  2. Team building, learning, creative and meaningful activity: sort squares, organise squares into rows to form kits (to hand over to the community to join and form blankets to donate)

Who receives the blankets? We currently supply to:

  1. St Vincent De Paul
  2. NDVS (Northern Domestic Violence Service)
  3. Uniting SA (Emergency Relief)
  4. Hutt St Centre
  5. Mary Magdalene Centre
  6. Smith Family
  7. Salvation Army
  8. Gawler and District College Children’s Centre
  9. Heart and Soul
  10. Anti-Poverty Network
  11. Baptist Care SA
  12. Junction Youth
  13. Marion Life
  14. Treasure Box
  15. A helping hand

It is a project that brings happiness, wellbeing and comfort – whether you give (in creating the blanket) or receive (in using the blanket).

We have many personal stories shared by people in care facilities, people who are lonely, have disabilities, looking for purpose.

We know that people WANT to HELP and be involved in purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling projects and that’s what Knit a Care Square brings.



To date, we have 2 organisations we have donated to:  

  1. The Marilyn’s – raising money for Cancer Council SA
  2. Cancer Voices

Several blankets throughout the year are also auctioned for people.

Highest bidder receives the blanket in exchange for donating the bid amount to an humanity based organisation.

To date we have had bidders donate to: 

  1. Leukaemia Foundation
  2. Animal Welfare
  3. Trojan Trek
  4. Uniting SA Christmas Appeal

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How and why Knit a Care Square started… 

Knit a care square was inspired through a couple of stories surrounding cancer.

Firstly, I began knitting squares as a fulfilling past time when my husband Steve was undergoing intense treatment in hospital, for Stage 4 Mantle Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Then, after being inspired by an elderly gentleman gaining fulfilment in palliative care, knitting beanies to help others, the decision to help the community emerged.

The project was ignited by the energy and enthusiasm of Kay MacKenzie, one of valued team members. (She’s an inspiration!!)

The blankets that the large Knit a Care Square community now produces, are colourful and full of love and warmth!

So much so, people have asked to buy them!

While this is not our purpose, we recognised an opportunity to potentially raise money for a cause (and naturally cancer is one that lays close to our hearts).

Most people have been affected by cancer in some way.

This has led us to gathering squares (from the thousands of knitted squares we receive) of the nominated colour given to specific cancer types, to create a beautiful blanket, and donate to organisations.

These special blanket, helps to raise money and support the lives of people of facing cancer in some way.

Many of the people knitting squares, are actually facing cancer themselves, so what a wonderful way to indirectly raise funds for a cause close to their hearts.

Our Face Book page: Knit a care square



‘Loving being involved in this project!’

‘It has helped me give up smoking’

‘It has helped the arthritis in my hands’

‘I love that it gives me purpose’

‘I now have something worthwhile to do at night!’

‘I love seeing my squares appear in the blankets’

A blog that tells the story about how the project started.