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Poetic Expression

It is not only words that conjure memories in us. Sometimes items take us somewhere. Perhaps memories of the past or to something in the future. Perhaps something hidden, or intriguing? Or something you love that you have forgotten about?

This week’s word was ‘suitcase’. Where does the word or the image of the word take you? Perhaps just jot down a few words and see your own poetic expression form. That’s as simple as it need be to get started and begin a wonderful journey within, that you can share and enjoy with others.

It was wonderful where the poems and expressions led this week. We hope you enjoy the read, and perhaps express your own feelings about the ‘suitcase’.

PS the word for next week is ‘handle’. Now I wonder where this will take us… Please feel free to join in.


All my journeys

Begin and end

Packing, unpacking

My constant friend

All I own

All I possess

On foot

In cars

On trains

Buses and Planes

Silently observing

By my side

My companion

Never asking why

No demands

Or condemnations

Always there

Sharing in my trials

And tribulations

No complaints

Now domiciled

And at rest

My partner

Is stored

In solitude

A time

To reflect.

Having spent

Time under


In wardrobes

Storage rooms


And sheds

Until once more

My travel mate

A new adventure

We undertake.

When we

Set out

And about

My suitcase

And I

On our

Final tour

With our




Packed away




PJR    04/04/2022


What have you got there? 
My luggage with all my belongings to be fair
‘Well let’s weigh it, to be aware’
‘It is too heavy!’, oh what a nightmare

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

‘Um, we are in a situation
This is our migration
Can’t you let it go, we’re heading for a new nation?’
‘NO! I cannot do that, for your information’

The queue at check-in is getting longer
Carrying such heavy cases made me stronger
Looking behind I felt more wronger
Watching those waiting doing the anger-conger

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

‘Your other case is lighter’
‘You can share the load’ she said looking brighter
Will we be able to repack two cases? The time is looking tighter
That is our only hope, despite her

Sweat was pouring off my brow
I open both luggage cases somehow
I begin to move items where the space allow
I have no idea whether the weight will be right now

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

This is such a busy US airport
People milling around and time is short
There was a noticeable lack of support
The luggage suitcases, I had to distort

Having guess-rebalanced the luggage cases
There was definite lack of available spaces

It was all out with the belts and braces
Moving towards the check-in passed anxious faces

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

Have we made the required balance of weight?
Will we be allowed through to the gate?
We are all in a terrible state
Nervous to discover our fate

To leave any stuff behind would be untenable
We need what we brought, it is all indispensable
To settle until our home belongings are accessible
Which will be about 10 weeks by boat is possible

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

So can we proceed to board this plane?
To Hawaii, then NZ through to Adelaide, that’s insane
With ourselves and 2 children 4 and 2, to explain
We never expected to experience this strain

We put our repacked luggage cases on the scale
The Check-in staff member looks at the readout detail
Have we repacked the weight ok or is it a fail?
Her expressionless face and disdain suggests jail…

It ain’t heavy
It’s my luggage

She looks up at us and says ‘it is ok!’
We all look at each other feeling, ‘no way’
‘We will now make it on our flight hip hooray!’
She stuck over-weight labels on luggage, saying ‘have a nice day’

That luggage helped us to survive
Until all our other stuff did arrive
We could apply for jobs, play with toys and drive
Around Adelaide, and where to live we could derive

It was heavy
It’s our luggage




He told me that he left with just a suitcase and violin, 
I imagined him as young man leaving on the ship – 
The Castel Bianco, so mum recalls

With a few of his hand selected items 

I never asked him about what items made the grade 
Clothes, special items 
Perhaps photographs 
Of the family and friends 
He was leaving behind 

Many of which I had hardly explored 
And surprisingly he rarely divulged 
Unless prodded or prompted

I wish I knew more about what laid deep in his heart
About what lead him to choose a brand new start

Post war, what did he witness or was it escape?
Such a big decision for a 20 year old to take

But I sensed he arrived with a case full of hope and opportunity 

With hands that could work – he was a mechanic 
Mind that could discern – with natural logic and wit
Heart that could feel the music – a sensitivity and passion

He came with a readiness to begin a new path 
On new land 
On new territory 
A feeling so grand

And while the suitcase that had accompanied him 
Has been thrown away
The violin and case, still lives with me today

It will soon to be passed down 
As a beautiful memory 
Or perhaps even better
A wonderful legacy 


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