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How did the word skeleton arrive from our chat last week? Well it started when Kay noticed what looked like a skeleton in the background along the path that Nigel went on during his usual roving around Adelaide. When all settled on the word skeleton, who would have thought it could bring so much! From the funny, to the deep, the profound to what makes you weep.
Thank you everyone, for sharing your experience, contributing your feelings, thoughts, perspectives and truths.
It was a great expression from Terry about the remains from approach during COVID, a skeletal city.
We hope you enjoy the expressions below.

The skeleton on the stage

The house lights dim to dark.
The performance is about to start.
I settle in my seat,
people cease to speak.
my thoughts begin to drift.
Suddenly a face lights up.
A single spotlight close up.
I search his face for a reaction.
His eyes move, an interaction.
He tells his story as a monologue,
his props supports his dialogue.
The set is revealed.
What secrets will it yield?
On his left is a clothing rack,
beside it stands an actor dressed in black.
A skeleton painted on the front and back.
I become involved in the story told,
caught up in the way he makes it unfold.
His feelings of being a cancer victim.
Discovering the way he would depict them.
He reflected on his lack of awareness,
on how he treated his feelings so careless.
He uses the skeleton as a clotheshorse.
Articles of clothing becomes his resource.
Shoes and socks.
Pants and jocks.
Shirt and coat.
A memory associated to each piece.
Giving each felling a sense of peace.
The socks,
is the joy in happiness
The shoes,
is the anger in bitterness
The jocks,
is the fear in worry
The pants,
is the peace in contentment
The shirt,
is the giving in love
The coat,
is the self-esteem in depression.
He has certainly held my attention
and I suppose that was his intention.
The lights on stage disappear.
I join with others as we cheer.
House lights come up the spell is broken.
I leave wanting to discuss what was spoken.

The moral of his one act play,
was not to waste another day.
His skeleton, his bones are his carriage.
His feelings, his emotions are his baggage.
Could I strip my feelings and memories into stages?
Do my feelings mirror the skeleton on the stage?

PJR    15.08.2021

Porosity, density, what is yours?

It may not seem important
…until something breaks
Then the imaging begins

What holds us together
Cages our organs
Connects our tissues
Gives us form?

Whilst the world is over preoccupied
With beauty and appearance
Underneath, we are more alike
Than we might like to admit

There are differences
Weight, length, size, shape
That form some of how we look
…on the outside

This seen and unseen
Solid yet moveable
Strong yet fragile
Our lifetime support

It; protects
Lives beyond us

… for a while

…so think about your humerus and smile :)


The Skeleton in the Room

Sitting in the doctors’ waiting room
No feeling of doom and gloom
Smiles, giggles and happy chat
I don’t know what to make of that.

I look around and what do I see?
A skeleton- I swear he’s smiling straight at me!

Two young girls walk in
I see him winking, what am I thinking?
This is getting out of hand
Although, it does feel quite amazing
To feel such imagination.

He’s wearing an appealing hat, and a tie,
A notebook and champagne nearby
Suddenly I realise it’s the race
that stops the nation- The Melbourne Cup.

So relaxed, he’s sitting down,
Crossed his legs, AND
has had a sip of champagne.
Now he’s looking at the book,
He’s circling number two
That’s the one for me
Yes, that one will do.

A man rushed in
After seeing the skeleton,
He burst into laughter, then a frown
I have number seven
You’ve picked number two
Now what am I going to do?

My name is called
I stand to leave
Turning, I see the skeleton
I swear he’s smiling straight at me!

By the way, number two did win
I can still see that infectious grin.

CCon 16th Aug 2021

They thought she’d never be found…

They thought she’d never be found…
But the truth is never far away…
It just took a storm, to loosen the ground
For the bones to display…

While her flesh had disappeared,
With skeletal remains,
The essence of her spirit was near…
Taunting revellers, to look deeper below,
So the truth of her story,
she could show.

Who could do that to another human being,
To take away a life, and cover up the tracks,
Then get on with ‘normal’ life,
Without looking back.

So now it’s good to know,
that from the bones,
we can piece together,
How it all did go.

From murder mystery, to history,
Dinosaurs, and more…
We can look to bones,
And delve deeper to explore…

Tracing right back, to many a place
Some of which, were at the start
of the human race.

So let’s respect our bones,
For a skeleton you see,
Is our connection to our past
from the future we will see…

Tlab 16th August 2021

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