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Tonight’s word ‘roots’ that was inspired from last week’s word ‘grapevine’ conjured a range of thoughts and feelings.
It was lovely to have new people attend (hi Chrissy and Pamela) and wonderful to hear 4 poems presented.
While Peter wasn’t there to share the ‘deep rooted’ message from his poem, Terry brought us on an emotional journey feeling the sensations of our roots being uplifted and needing to re-establish in the move from NZ to Australia over 20 years ago.
You’ll see from the poems which ‘roots’ stood at the forefront… Roots as in our heritage, our history, our ecosystem, our depth, oh… and then there’s the square root!

We had some ‘deep rooted’ issues with technology which we overcame and felt great for.
It was lovely to hear each other’s poetry and chat about the inspiration and what lead to the slants taken with each poem.
Hope you enjoy some of the poems that were shared.

My Roots

I reach out clawing
to connect to something

To feel solid and strengthened
supported by what’s there

Finding my way through the dark
For a sign I’m not alone

Becoming part of something more
Part of a whole, that feels my own

Safe and sound
While underground

A place to grow
though I do not show

Comfort and security
A place of purity

My origins my kind
I look to find

Threads of my potential
Vastness sublime
Relying on and fed by
Rain and sunshine

No flower or fancy car
Can hide my existence
No matter how it looks
Despite my resistance

I cannot be ignored
Nor be rejected
Nor seen as lesser
Dismissed or undetected

So now, time to be proud
And remove the shroud

For I am, who I am,
My roots – do not hide
From mud, A lotus grows
With grace It can reside

So, in the depth of our own roots
possibilities and what could be
Our story, our history
Of you and me

TLab 11th July 21


Lesly talks about roots from the vine
And Tricia expresses her love of red wine (excl mice!!)

If roots link our human race
How can we learn from each other at a pace?
which keeps us and our universe from harm
while we reach into our hearts for calm

May we see the real root cause
of our conditioned lives take pause
We can take off our shoes and socks
Feel the earth, watch the roots, climb the rocks

Our race can find its baring
and shift our lives towards genuine caring
The square root of 9 is three
So let us set sail and be free


The root of all my evils

The root of all my evils.

I need to feed my greed,
money, money, money.

Buy everything around me.
Show the world my wealth.
Look at me you also rans.
Your desires so insecure.
To be successful like me.

I lifted myself from misery,
worked at it tirelessly.
My house, my cars, my jewellery.

The power I have achieved
over you poor mindless fools.

Every day I bask in my glory,
over all the people I deceived.
I took away their dreams
Stripped away their self-esteem.
Losers, failures, all of you.

My friends my family,
I might have lost.
I don’t really care.
I’ve made it to the top.
In fact I’ll never stop.
I’ll never have to worry.
I have all this money.

Those days are no longer
I lie in bed all alone.

No amount of money I have made.
will make me better again.
My spirit is slipping away,
to its final resting place.
I’m left with nothing.
Full of remorse and guilt.
I now envy those,
I looked down upon.
Those who were at peace,
within their collective worth.

Not driven by that river,
the root of all my evils.
Money, money, money.

PJR    12.07.2021


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