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Perfect… (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression


In a world today where we can continuously cover, fix, hide, re-do, to make things seem as close to perfect as we perceive is possible, have we distorted the true meaning of the word ‘perfect’ and in fact, is there any truth around this word?

In striving for what we perceive as ‘perfect’ have we created a ‘rod for our own backs’ and fallen into an ever spiralling trap to reach the ever elusive ‘perfect’ we have been lead to believe is the ‘holy grail’, yet in fact creates imperfection in the way we feel and live?

Or is ‘perfect’ actually as it is, with ‘warts and all’ – in other words is the perfect about what actually exists? Is the perfect the outcome of our decisions in any moment in time; the good bad and ugly, all there to determine, our next direction or step to take?

Or is it more about the best you choose at any one time? The ‘sweet spot’ where it is enough. Where, if any more effort was made to ‘improving’ it, there would be a shift in the balance, with its value lost.
Is perfect 100%?

What does it conjure for you? We had great talk around the word and as usual some great written expressions that opened the way to the conversations.

Hope you enjoy them.

PS the word for next week is ‘tomfoolery’.


‘Each of you have given your permission
To be issued with one word to describe your condition
Prepare yourself for the unexpected
Remember to question what has caused your depression”

I stand before my allotted space
Focussing on what I’ve been trained to do
Breath in, breath out, maintain the pace
I step in seeking for my first clue.
It’s totally dark I can’t see a damn thing
No this isn’t right I’m confused
I was told this place would explain everything
Now all I’m feeling is that I’m being used
This is a trick they playing on me
Hang on slow down maybe I’m overreacting
Now is the moment to let my mind wander free
Time to reflect on those thoughts that are limiting
Arrows of green light appear in the gloom
I take small steps warily in my trepidation
Fighting to move further into the room
to embrace my sensations in this situation
A TV screen pops up in front of me
One word appears unexpectedly
Typing seven letters one at a time


Taking in this revelation
My mind kicks in and starts deducting
All my hours of preparation
Coming to fruition by concentrating
This one word can’t summarise my existence
Surely in my discussions I was specific with my reasons
I thought I made it clear that only with persistence
would I be able to deal with my mental demons
My love of winning at all costs is my drug
Regardless of the consequences, I can put to rest
those jealous of my success, they can call me a thug
a tyrant, a psychopath and all the rest.
I’ve worked hard to be the best at everything
And being the best at what I do doesn’t come easily.
My strategies include using leveraging
Using the weakness in others comes to me naturally
This is my devil in full flight
I’m fighting to keep above my doubts
That my lifelong decisions can only be right
Though they might be the cause of my depression bouts
To let go of all those thoughts so strongly believed
My money my power my destiny
Leaving me with the peace deep down I need
to stop this endless insanity.
The houses, careers, cars, clothes,
friends, children, wives,
holidays, investments, lives.
Yes lives I’ve lived hidden.
behind the lies I’ve hidden behind.
Hiding behind forbidden living hidden.
Forbidden shadows shadowing my living.
Suddenly words begin to blink on numerous screens
Each caressing multiple misgivings
Cascading into hypnotic streams
Lost thoughts depressed by my perfect meanings

Forgiving Caring Gentleness
Accepting Kindly Happiness
Listening Friendly Tenderness
Cordial Asking Compassion
Sympathetic Harmonious Politeness
Generous Affectionate Sharing
Comforting Empathetic Loyalty
Loving Trusting Humanity.

PJR    07.03.2022


A baby is born…
Parent’s exclaim ‘Just perfect’
Until the need
to fit, the feed

Refine, just add a little more
I can see the flaw
Oh no…
I can’t let it go

It isn’t perfect
I can’t let that be
Oh I wish I could
Let it go and be free

Too long, too short
Too different, must abort
Too shy, too loud
Engulfed, distort

But it just won’t stop
Popping up in my head,
Relentless, causing dread,
an ongoing thread

Taking over my mind,
Telling stories so unkind,
That it’s just not right
It’s not a pretty sight,

But why must it feel this way,
Whose words are they anyway?

Who set the scene of what it should be?
Is it Tok, insta, or from RSS feeds?

Perfect lips, those overseas trips,
Houses, money, please get a grip!

What does it matter if there is a slight glitch
Is it really necessary or worth the ditch?

So much waste, for a tiny flaw,
Can’t we just learn to ignore?

And see it as part of the natural expression
Rather than ruminate and stress until there’s depression

So what do I need to let it all go
To learn and appreciate it – just as so…

Perhaps it’s to finally decide
where my mind is to reside…

To love and appreciate
not debate or berate
Or even worse to hate
And die inside…

TLaB 7th March 2022

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  1. The great thing about the session tonight is that it brought up so many different feelings about the nature of perfection and how people are impacted on the nature of perfection.

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