Often you read about many topics  from comprehensive research, information and data brought to you by professionals in their field on what to do to live a quality life, however to know how and what to apply to your own life and wellbeing often causes confusion and concern. This program aims to connect understanding and[…]read more

Step ups.

Step ups Facing the platform or step bring one foot onto the platform then the other. Return the first foot to the original position and then the second. Repeat the action, leading with the opposite foot to the one used in the first step up. What are the benefits? Step ups serve many purposes: ranging[…]read more


Selecting something meaningful to you can be a powerful thing to do. Knowing you have 21 days to focus your attention, you have more of a chance than usual to integrate it in your life. Lifestyle can play a big role in wellbeing and health. Most of us can relate to something we would like[…]read more

Press Up

Press Up Feet away slightly from the wall or other surface with hands, shoulder width apart. Bend at the elbows and lower your weight down. As you straighten the elbows use the muscles of our upper body – chest, triceps and shoulders. It is an easy movement to incorporate in different standing positions, using a[…]read more

Part 2 – Mind of Influence

We often spend a large amount of time and energy on things outside our personal control.  It takes place in our mind and disturbs and distracts us in many ways.  It may be that we want something or someone to be different, or to do as we want.  It can lead to distortions such as[…]read more

Magic moments.

Magic Moments Consciously connecting with special things that appear in your day can change the habit and focus. It is really taking note of things you would normally take for granted. It may be something small and simple or incredibly profound and amazing. It is what jumps out at you and you recognise it as[…]read more

Back Row.

Back Row You can do the movement from a standing or seated position. Begin the move with good upper posture. Mimic the action of rowing and this can be done in different ways. Place arms outstretched in front of you, with fists clenched and palms facing down; the first approach is, do the row action[…]read more

Posture. Chin, Chest, Chillax.

Posture. Ch, Ch, Ch To gain a more aligned stance, the ch, ch, ch may be helpful. This is to help remind you of three things to reposition yourself. Tuck the chin in and elevate the chest slightly and chillax or relax the shoulders down. While the muscles used to reposition in this way are[…]read more


Squat Bend at the knees and hips to use the major muscles of your lower body – quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteus. It is a movement that we already do as part of our every day life and there is no reason that we can’t do the move more often. It may be a matter[…]read more

Part 1 – Universal Timelines

The Universal Timeline is a perspective.  It is about considering the wonder of our presence and the presence of all others before us in this unfolding universe.  Our purpose perhaps is to recognise life as a privilege and gift for just being part of it.  The picture is far bigger than you or me alone. […]read more


Brace The ‘brace’ is the girdle effect created by a range of muscles that stabilise and support the spine in general and during movement. The deeper muscles (referred to as local muscles) are often recruited; transverse abdominus, multifidis, pelvic floor and diaphragm. Abdominal drawing-in maneuver (ADIM) is one way of strengthening the deep muscle of[…]read more

Calf raise.

Calf Raise Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, lift your heels up. Shift your weight on the balls of your feet while keeping your legs straight. Slowly lower your heels back to the floor. It is a movement that can be easily integrated in to the day because we are often in a[…]read more

Walk more.

Walking Walking naturally uses lots of muscles of the lower body; quadriceps, hamstrings, lower legs and trunk. It is something most of us do every day to some degree and there is no reason we can’t do it more often. We’ve come to walk less in our life, however by thinking of walking more as[…]read more