My legacy

So often we are hard on ourselves and rarely take the time to appreciate the impact of our every day actions. This activity gives you the chance to express examples of the small things you do that make a difference.  My legacy

Creating with your life vehicles

We have so many things going on in our lives. They are the circumstances through which our life has purpose and meaning, joy and growth. Sometimes a little conscious thought around what you might like to experience and contribute to those areas, can begin the creation! This activity gives you a moment to ‘vision’ and[…]read more

A way to release and let go

There is no doubt, we often get stuck in a way of thinking, a way of being or doing that is not helping us to accomplish the many wonderful things we have the potential to achieve. Finding ways to let go and release some of the ‘strangleholds’ can be helpful. This activity introduces an approach[…]read more

5 steps to purpose

So often we get lost and confused about what we are doing and where we are headed. It can send us into a spin and so often you hear the cause around finding ‘your purpose’. This 5 step approach we stumbled upon, helped provide a reminder that our purpose is actually embedded in what we[…]read more

Listening in different ways

We know how important it is to listen and to be listened to. The truth is, it is one of the most underestimated skills around. We have intention to listen well. We believe we do listen well. We’re here to say, that there is always, always ways of improving our listening. And there is like[…]read more

Negatives and reframes

We develop patterns over our lifetime: patterns of thinking, seeing, doing, engaging, behaving, speaking. With our important ‘eye’ as the ‘critic’ (important in our evolution and development to survive the ‘attack’), we may have an over developed pattern for seeing the negative. This activity helps to reframe, open up the mind to new ways of[…]read more

Get to know your SOE self

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good you are able to do good? And contrary to this, when you don’t feel good or haven’t had your own needs met, your actions and approaches affect you, others and often the situation or outcome. For that reason, we use the term the SOE self as[…]read more

Creating a group Wellbeing Vision

This activity provides a few steps to begin creating a group wellbeing vision. It’s purpose is to find the common vision which is a great starting point to get the whole team ‘on board’ and moving in the same direction. A positive way to unite the team. Download the PDF to begin the activity. 1.[…]read more

Your Vision – summary & tools

We thought we’d share some tools and visuals to support you with moving from the things that may have stopped you in the past, and keep you moving towards what you vision for your future. Take a moment to see what resonates with you and is helpful to draw upon, along your path to moving[…]read more

Create your Vision – the possibilities

With the lid to the ‘boxes’ open, the mindset opens.   When you decide to open the lid, the very things you identified as obstacles to achieving the your vision, becomes the pathway. You are now looking for ‘how’. We say that with the lid off, it has now become an open bucket. The great[…]read more

Breaking ‘over’ patterns

To create ‘order’ in our lives, we have skilfully established routines and patterns to help uphold the things needing to be done. Often these routines and patterns, become so entrenched they are hard to break! And often we don’t want to break them for fear of losing the ‘order’ we are striving for. This activity highlights[…]read more

Out of your head, into your heart. Creativity.

There’s no doubt we often get held up by the circular and persistent nature of thoughts. Often that very pattern, keeps us from moving, making decisions or recognising next steps. This activity brings a strategy to access a more heart felt response (over head / over thinking response). Evidence suggests it opens the door for[…]read more

The mirror. For personal awareness

The mirror is about using people around you, to help you ‘see’ what you may not be able to see otherwise. It explores both the  qualities you aspire to and look favourably upon, And the qualities that bring discomfort and you don’t look favourable upon. It is reminder that at some point in time, we[…]read more

The art of depersonalising

If we are get things out in the open, we have to find a way to build trust at the same time. We want to know it can be shared and received, knowing it is for the purpose of improving understanding, relationships, and connection. So how does that happen? One of our ‘patterns’ may be[…]read more

Escape and settle

Having quick access to what bring you instant calm, relief, balance, homeostasis, Whatever the sensation you are seeking to ‘feel better!’ An important step in the area of resilience is ‘knowing yourself’. It is not about what works for others, what others say you should do, what you think you should. It is what does[…]read more

Strengths at work

There is a lot of evidence and personal suggestion that when we work with our strengths it brings a better feel to the work we do. While we are resourced with the full range of strengths and capabilities, there is no doubt, some of our strengths play out more in a day than others. That[…]read more

Peel the onion – To your why.

Sometimes we head straight to finding a solution to what we see as a problem. We want it fixed. Often there is an important reason why we want something fixed. Quick solutions may address a small part of the issue, however the underpinning cause of our discomfort may not be addressed. When we take a[…]read more

Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML) Menu 2 – Introduction

11Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML) Keep Moving Lifestyle brings ideas and strategies for integrating common exercises and movements into your USUAL daily life. With 16 waking hours available to you, you will be amazed at how you can achieve physical benefits every day in every way. For your health, vitality and motivation! Each lesson covers a[…]read more

Live and track your Vision – make things visible

While you are conscious of it, you are doing something. So easily the small yet significant things, pass by. And as they do, they are easily lost. The way to secure the worth of these small things, is to make them more visible. Expand them in some way. Making things visible is the pathway to the[…]read more

Create your Vision – the obstacles

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Face fear front on

There’s no doubt that fear plays a major role in how we choose to engage. Fear however is not the enemy. Fear plays a role in protecting us for our survival. Learning how to respect the fear and work with it, can mean we face things we once may have avoided. Face Fear front on –[…]read more

The power of the ripple

As we go about our day, it is not usual to think about the positive impact and outcome from the encounters you have with others. It is not unusual however to discover many years into the future, that something you may have said or done, had played a vital role in someone’s life! Knowing from[…]read more

Love from gratitude – What you like and dislike

It is easy in our busy lives, to notice the things that create ‘discomfort’ over the things we may be grateful for. Consciously taking a moment to explore the gratitudes, is a lovely way of firstly reminding ourselves, And secondly changing up the balance and ratio of gratitude over ‘discomfort’. This activity will have you[…]read more

Reflection for awareness

It is evident some people are able to reflect on the events and happenings of the day, and extract the learning. It is also evident in some, the reflection may result in more time spent in what may not have worked! This activity helps guide the way to reflect with the purpose of growing and[…]read more

Getting to balance

Sometimes we take the ‘complex’ path to something can be quite simple. For example, there are simple things in the day to day, to help us get back in balance. This activity highlights something so simple, it might lead to a ‘smile’ when you tackle it! Getting to balance

Hospitality. What is it to you?

Hospitality is a great term to use when looking to build wellbeing and human connection environments. Hospitality has some shared understandings across cultures which can be a great reminder of some basic fundaments around sharing this planet. This activity as well as help define your own concept, may open the door to creating new ways[…]read more

Creating a personal Future Vision

This activity is designed to help shape a future personal vision. Often we set future experiences based on what may be expected of us. This activity helps to shape future visions to also align with what is important to you. We show 2 ways of creating that ‘something’ for the future. One is based on[…]read more

Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML) Menu 1 Introduction

Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML) Keep Moving Lifestyle brings ideas and strategies for integrating common exercises and movements into your USUAL daily life. With 16 waking hours available to you, you will be amazed at how you can achieve physical benefits every day in every way. For your health, vitality and motivation! Each lesson covers a[…]read more

Live your Vision – the action

Action With buckets in place, the reality is you are on your way to creating the your vision. You are now in the process. You now have the  ‘how’ with your 4 P buckets open and filling. You are ACTIONING the vision. You know your why – the reason it is important to you. You have[…]read more

Create your Vision – the Vision

Personal Vision  After getting to your why, you would have reached some of your underpinning values. Those values are usually the deeper and more significant reasons for deciding on a particular direction. You have allowed to let surface, a little more about you, and remind yourself of something you may not have been addressing for[…]read more