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Labels (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression

This topic around labels fitted well with some themes that arrived from our last session (on instincts).
Some questions around how we grow or evolve emerged and in amongst that the concept of ‘labels’ arrived.
As soon as the word was selected, the realisation that it could lead us into many directions, which it did.
It may be reflective of the times, however our talk and expression, was around dominant culture and how easy it is to be defined and things to be normalised, and the impact of that on individuals and societies.
Once again, the creativity in expression and design of the poems presented, came through.
And some new realisations and understandings brought about by the honest and deep expressions shared by members in the session. At the end of the session, we chose something very unrelated for the next week’s topic. ‘puddles’. If you wish to join in, either with a poem or without, just arrive on the night. Click here for the link



Ethics and Morals are top of mind.
Reactions comments can be unkind

Black lives matters

Conscious or not
It’s abused a lot

Cancel Culture

Restricting opinions, identity
Creating bigotry, enmity

Domestic Violence

Eliminate this abuse
There is no excuse


Uneven opportunities
Rebalances communities

False news

Deceiving by lying
True facts are dying


Defining the references
Describing preferences


Human life is sacred
In birth we’re related


Social media opionators
Self-proclaimed arbitrators


Abusive word to disguise
Profanity to chastise

Kvetch (Yiddish)

Complaining persistently
Nagging consistently


Formalising arguments
Resulting in judgements


Men being condescending
Patronising offending


Generation retired
Travelling required


Once called induction
New way of introduction

Political correctness

Wary of sensibilities
Becomes your responsibilities


Democracy divided
Conspirators united


Unpleasant appearances
Highlighting differences


Escaping their frailty
Fear hope and safety


Showing annoyance
Non-verbal avoidance


Fame and admiration
Seeking validation


My arm is in the fixture
Me with others in a picture


Smoke trails in the air
Many wish not to share


Alert to society trends
Stay aware and defend


Foreigners and strangers
Are seen as dangers


Shifts in cultural norms
Awakening new reforms


Noodles of zucchini
Better than fettuccini

PJR    31.01.2022


‘Homeless’, ‘disabled’, ‘black’, ‘bludgers’…
Are labels that stick
As though sewn in
With thread so thick
It cannot be washed off
Or easily erased
And creates stigma
From the complex interplays

That one label
To me, can seem so large
I cannot move away from it
I cannot even give it a nudge
I cannot unpick that stitch so tight
Woven in with judgement and delight
It is a burden I must carry
Put on me by others
Who would rather put a label on me
That put their arms around my shoulders

This cannot be the only label
That describes all of who I am
Surely I am more than this
The more I have to wear it
The weaker I feel
And the more it seems to fit

There are many tools at work
Designed to tell us who we are
Which we seem to adopt willingly
Introvert, extrovert, enabler

My labels were ‘short’ and ‘silly’
They were used regularly and negatively
Like spears piercing my heart
and axes chopping down my self-esteem

With these labels so deeply tattooed on my soul
It was difficult for the authentic me to emerge and be whole
Until one day ,my deep inner truth and realisation pushed out
Making some holes in the labels and easing the self-doubt
There are still some label scars that remain
However all my relearning and growth have diminished that stain.

It seems to me,
that each whole authentic person
Is so unique
labels are so inadequate,
that there is a lesson
that is not to use them.

NRS 31st Jan 22


Labels are all around us
So the feeling grows
Waiting to be defined
Bringing the highs and lows

When did we learn to give ourselves away?

Every you are and i am
Embeds a message deep
It’s impact not clear at first
It’s manner is to creep

You are clever, I am clever
You are slow , I am slow
You are caring, I am caring
You are funny, I am funny

Being defined is part of the game
There to shine or there to shame
Such the trap, we seek being told
Who we are, that’s what we’re sold

True or not,
Superficially we believe
Like marketing and media
Distorts what we perceive

Is it true?
How will we ever know
Why does it matter,
This is my so…

So we can begin
To dig past the noise and the clatter
And get to the real
Core of the matter

Whether the label is on you,
Food, clothes or other,
Remember, it’s a tool,  has been used
To fool one another

So what does it really say,
that label defined
Maybe it’s time
To truly find

For all that is said
It’s never the whole
Be open to notice
And prepared to let go


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