We gathered in our warm cosy homes, 7th June, 2021, protected from the weather (except for our roving poet who endured the wind and rain!). Once again, the topic led us to explore what home means to us… And once again, some truly moving poetic expression (thank you Peter for the honest emotional expression shared from a true encounter)

‘Home is where your heart is’ 

Where you gather and have a family time together. Big gatherings… 

Feeling accepted… when you are different cultures. Feels more like home… 

We moved around a lot… Some people stay in a home for a long time… 

If home is where the heart is, your home could be in the heart of the city – 

Some people have their homes in the parkland… 

‘Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”

I feel at home when… I’m knitting… when I met the person I wanted to stay with for the rest of my life

For the homeless sometimes the streets are their homes… they actually want that space.

The freedom… some people choose to be homeless. Helping them is not what we do to them, it’s what we can do for them.

Build hope, so you can take it upon yourself to care for you. But how do you do that when you are not always able to?

Let’s practice life skills to help us take responsibility. Let’s do it now before we lose the capacity… 

Things used to be taught in the home… now that doesn’t happen… Where have we gone… it takes practice, 

It’s simple – it starts with caring… To judge ourselves against others, is not being at home with yourself… 

Are you comfortable being at home with yourself, with your thoughts?  


Relief is coursing through my veins

Pumping, deadening my pains

Jitters falling into delirious pools,

Agitation so hot, now cools.

Serenity flowing, peace at last.

Someone calling from my past.

This voice I’ve heard before

Coming from deep inside my core.

Slowly it announces, it’s me from before.

Come on, remember who you use to be.

Recall those days full of desire

For those dreams you had, to aspire.

Now lost in my sordid history

Adding to my world of misery.

Stooping down to beg, part of the mix

To feed the craving for my next fix

My ragged stinking clothes foul the air,

Dark stains ingrained in pores and hair.

There was once in my heart a place I called home

Since then I’ve roamed down so many roads alone.

No longer a chance to be who I might have been.

The streets doorways and parks are now my scene.

My nights spent on a cold bed of cement

Sleeping rough my hunger never content.

Day and night a matter of survival.

My seductive desires have no rival.

I no longer seek the help from others,

Or seek to belong to a band of brothers

I walk alone with demons of another kind

These are the meals upon which I’ve dined.

People pass me by with fearful looks and distain

Others show care and compassion to my pain.

They all move on towards a place they call home,

Whereas, I’m left in my world, in the cold alone.

The day when I’ll finally find my eternal peace,

Will be when I’m pronounced deceased.

PJR    7.06.2021


There are many sayings about home…

What do they tell us about it?

‘Welcome home… ‘

Where is that?

‘Home is where the heart is?’

So what is your heart’s postal address?

‘There’s no place like home…’

Is it a place? (Tap your shoes together…)

‘Home sweet home…’

Is your home sweet?

‘Home away from home…’

Is this a contradiction ?

‘With you I am home…’

Where would that be?

‘It is good to be home…’

What is this feeling?

‘Happiness is homemade…’

Depends what your home is…

‘Charity begins at home…’

Or ‘love begins at home…’

Where does it end?

So what is home?

Are these sayings true?

Maybe it is

Different for you…

For me,

I will not sit on the fence

I feel where my home is

Where I have my sense

Of heart, belonging, comfort and joy

It is within me,

where I can grow and be all of myself

It is alone, together, and everywhere in-between

I am glad to have reached this point In my life

Where I can be home, wherever I am


Where is my home?

Is it my house in the street?

The city I greet?

Or the earth on my feet?

Or The sky so discreet?

A place to collect things?

Or a feeling and what that brings?

A structure that protects?

A space that injects?

Safety and sound?

Or calm and profound?

Solid immovable?

Fluid changeable?

Locked in?

Or Nomadic?

Like a rock?

What a shock..

Turtle’s shell

That works well…

The home of the homeless,

That’s a contradiction,

Where lost is home,

And home is lost…

The home of Gods,

Where is that?

Home is where the heart is…

There’s no place like home…

Make yourself at home…

A home run!

A destination?

Or sensation?

For me…

Home – a peace and knowing,

A state I call home,

Now, I’m home more often,

As I continue to grow…

Needing less from the outside,

Building resources from the inside…

I’m at home with you, with me,

With where I’ve been, with where I’m going,

With what I have, with what I don’t have,

With what I know, with what I don’t know…

Sometimes I’m happy,

Sometimes I’m sad,

My home brings it all…

all that I am.

My home on earth

My home in transition

My home in the universe

My home in all dimensions

The only home for me to nurture

So where do I begin…

To tell the story

of how great a love can be…

Home, love…

TLaB 7th June 2021