Hear to help… Cafes

With more people homeless or struggling to pay the bills, having food available throughout the day, is not always possible. What can we each do to play a role in caring for people who in moments or times are just feeling hungry and need a little to keep going?

There is a bigger need to take care of all our community members better, but for now, let’s not walk past what we can do.

This ‘Hear to help’ is a community project aimed at matching what can be done, with what is really needed.

This project involves you and cafe owners, where you pay forward an amount of $, and the cafe has a balance of funds to offer a coffee and simple food like a sandwich or roll to someone who arrives in need.

Let’s spread the word, so we all know the deal…

‘Hear to help’ with coffee cup symbol, as you can see here, fills us all in the picture, of where to give $, and where to receive.

Let’s reach out to cafe owners and people in the community who can afford a little to donate in this way… spread the word and give people some dignity in their moments of need.

For Cafe Owners

If you would like to be a ‘Hear to help’ cafe – to do something for people doing it tough, there are a few simple steps to send out your ripple.

  • Contact us to add your details to the list of cafes offering ‘hear to help’

  • Place the ‘hear to help’ image in a visible spot in your cafe (image provided)

  • Organise a time for RTHB to share more information about the ‘hear to help’ approach

Current Cafes involved