Hear to help… Cafes

Hear to help… Community and Cafe owners

With more people experiencing homelessness and difficulties paying the bills or unable to enjoy some simple luxuries… purchasing a nice cup of coffee and a simple sandwich or equivalent,  is not always possible. 

How can you make a difference to people experiencing hardship in our community?

‘Hear to help’ is a project that is simple and affordable to be involved with at any time, as often as you feel. It provides a small yet significant way to care for others and support community. 


Engage the project by…

-Purchasing a ‘hear to help’ voucher (for a coffee and sandwich or other) from a cafe who is supporting this community project. 

-Passing your purchased voucher on to someone you know (in need) or someone who may be living rough or on the streets, who could visit the cafe, to redeem the gift. 

-OR leaving the voucher in the Cafe’s jar, to be passed on to support people in the community, who are caring for the welfare of others.   

Cafe owner

Support the project by… 

-agreeing to have vouchers for people to purchase, at a minimum cost. 

-preparing coffee and sandwiches (or something other, depending on your cafe), with love and care, when people with vouchers arrive

Contact us to discuss a simple logistical flow and become part of the ‘Hear to Help’ Community

Current Cafes involved

Flava Food & Coffee 10/50 Esplanade, Christies Beach, SA 5165

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