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Real Time Heart-Based Brings

Deep Happiness and Inner Peace

From healing and practice
Real Time Heart-Based

Less Churn and anxiety

Letting go and shifting to the heart
Real Time Heart-Based

Practical Support with Concrete Steps

During Personal Sessions for your immediate issues
Excerpts from testimonials about RTHB

What our clients say about us

“The biggest issue for me have been the rules I have set and been living within without even realising the limitations I was setting on myself.
I liked the dynamic between Nigel and Tricia and I felt heard and supported, with no judgement”
Verified Participant
“From when I began the programme till now I feel much better in myself. It is a lifelong journey to learn about the self. With my heartfelt gratitude to Tricia and Nigel and will continue to do my best and refer to the programme. .”
Verified Participant
How can we help you?

Would you like support with an issue/challenge/worry/churn that you are facing? Our approach is designed to help you through your immediate and future challenges. It brings refreshing and different perspectives and concrete steps forward

As a social enterprise we bring genuine caring to all that we do including:
An alternative proven approach

This approach is backed by research and proven from many lived experiences.

Expert and caring facilitators/ counsellors

From qualifications, to experience from working with people of diverse ages and challenges in life

Value for money, accessible/ affordable

From personal sessions for immediate needs, to online programs for developed, to free online content.

Details of our Services

Personal Sessions
Online Guided Program
Podcasts, Blogs, Zoom Events
(eg Tai Chi, Singing for fun)
Podcasts here.

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Improvements include:
present in moments
worrying less about pleasing others
bringing the authentic you

Listen to the video below about the benefits fro Chien

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Does this approach really work?

Yes, it only relies upon; openness to discover and learn, practice to make improvements way of life. People of diverse ages, backgrounds and situations have benefited.

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