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About ‘Heart-Based ApproachesFind your Self, Find your Way,’ – a program for you…

Welcome, before you commence with the program, it may be helpful to view the video to prepare you to get started.

Helpful notes:

After each module is completed you are able to revisit any of the previous modules via the table below or under each module on the module page. The questionnaire is designed to begin the awakening to see and feel things differently. When doing the questionnaire, it may be best to complete it in one sitting, which is about 15 minutes, as data saving is not guaranteed. When finished, click SUBMIT, before clicking the module complete button

The foundation level program begins with the appendix (to call upon at any time), the questionnaire follows to begin noticing your current feelings and module 1 provides the foundation themes to get started. moving into ‘senses’ followed by a questionnaire which provides a picture (radar chart) of where you are at.

Take your time, work at your pace, stay for as long or little on each slide, little and often… feel free to comment at any stage.

We recommend as you travel through the program, you capture your feelings, thoughts and responses (via a journal or notes) in relation to the activities and practices, and regularly, reflect on the impact of these, in your life.

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