Who’s involved

Knit a Care Square:

Individual Knitters (THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!) / Trinity Gardens Primary School – Knitting squares, making blankets / South Aussie Crotchet group – joining / Kay’s Fitness participants, Blackwood, Hackham, Mitcham – knitting, kit making, sewing ends, joiners /

Darn with Plarn:

St Michaels Primary & Secondary School, Robyn Palmer – making plarn & Care Mats / Girl Guides SA, School Wellbeing Program & Girl Guide Units – making plarn & Care Mats, Kathy Bryker – plarn & Care Mats + Creative Projects & Ambassador /

Keep Moving Lifestyle:

Kay MacKenzie, Creative movement & Fitness for all ages – Content Contributor / Lauren Gerace, Yoga – Content Contributor / Melanie Smith, Pilates – Content Contributor / Kevin Littler, Physiotherapist & exercise – Content Contributor / Tricia La Bella, Incidental movement body & mind – Content Contributor /

Fit 2 Help:

Kay MacKenzie, moving well – facilitator /

Real Time  Human Connection /Talks:

All welcome to be part of the give / receive.

Share Care & Fare:

Donations made by each and every one of you.

No matter if it’s a small item or many,

it all makes a difference.


Knit a Care Square:

Hutt Street Centre Adelaide / Mary Magdalene Centre / St Vincent De Paul / Salvation Army / Smith Family / Adelaide Day Centre / APY Land Uniting Church, Alice Springs / Gawler & District Children’s Centre / Baptist Care SA / SA Poverty Heart & Soul / Uniting SA Emergency Rescue / Junction Youth Christies Beach

Darn with Plarn:

Hutt Street Centre

Keep Moving Lifestyle:

Any one who is interested in moving more! We have local members and people from afar and it is a match for those looking for a pop in and keep connected with inspirational incidental ways to move.

Fit 2 Help:

People in need in the community. We’ll keep you posted.

Real Time Human Connection / Talks: 

Cancer Care Centre / GI Institute / Church groups / Fitness groups, Westside Workouts /

Share Fare:

Fred’s Van / Heart & Soul / Hopes Cafe / Puddle Jumpers / Mary Magdalene Centre / Baptist Care SA WestCare Centre / A Helping Hand / Treasure Box / Food Barn