When we received the word ‘blink’ for our expression and poetry for the week, we had little idea where it would head.
Surprisingly it brought out much creativity in the way the poems and expression came together. All the poems were structured differently (sorry Peter, the wonderful visual expression and design of your poem couldn’t be shared here), had different rhythms, from different perspectives… just wonderful.
Despite the COVID lockdown, there were still plenty of blinking lights around throughout the roving..

Some great insights and information… Do you know how many times you blink a day? According to Google: between 14,400 and 19,200 times!
And what does it say when you blink a lot? And why is that actors work on not blinking?
Terry’s expression / poem, around time and feelings at different stages of life, took us on a journey through life, in the energy of a blink.
And a beautiful expression from Chrissy; her first poem and she read it to the group and we loved it.
A shared common about a ‘blink’ was the ‘time’ theme. A moment happens in a ‘blink’ and then it’s the next. Life happens in a blink and then its…

Hope you enjoy the poems…

The last cry

In a blink my feelings take over.
In this moment,
have engulfed
my body’s flight.

Heart pounding.
Chest heaving.
Shoulders shaking.
Tears streaming.
Senses reeling.

Awareness crawling, surfacing.
Pulling me back into reality.

There’s no need

To hear again
The fateful words
That shattered me
It’s over. No more

Emotions once seared now sealed.
These feelings will pass into memories.

In a blink my confusion leaves me.

PJR    26.07.2021

In the blink of an eye…

In the blink of an eye,
I watched him go,
Taking his last breath,
I loved him so…

His life-force,
Drained from him,
It didn’t take long,
His soul left his body
I couldn’t be wrong…

In the blink of an eye,
He was just a shell,
Nothing remaining,
Just a distinctive smell…

In the blink of an eye,
We moved on, said goodbye
It’s such a weird thing,
That we all just die…

Our transmuted energy,
Distilled in the air,
How and where to?
I am not aware…

In the blink of an eye,
My grandson was born,
Another exchange,
This time we adorn…

A moment, his first breath,
Entry into this world,
A passage, a right,
Like stardust, compelled…

IN the blink, there is life,
In a blink, there is death…
In a blink, there’s a pause,
Where things happen, I guess…

From the micro to the macro,
From the simple, to the grief,
Like Lesly’s zoom restart,
Back to poetry, a relief!

But in a blink,
Lesly missed the eye that winks,
The museum illuminations,
Closed now, well that ‘stinks’!

Lockdown with COVID,
Current state of the city,
No roving for now,
It’s such a pity…

Happy though,
Some photos did go,
Thank you, Nigel, for your

So lovely to see,
For in a blink,
It could be,
That life is already behind us…

TLab 26th July 2021


Sitting at home with
family and friends,
So much pride and happiness within,
I listen to the chitter and chatter,
and talk of all the things that matter.
The children so happy at play,
What a very special day.


In quiet solitude
I sit home alone,
Which way will this day flow?
I’d really like to know…

A knock at the door!
Well look who’s here,
It’s my dear friend Nancy…
A long and deep friendship we share.

They say opposites attract,
For us that certainly is a fact,
Kettles on, cups are out,
Long conversations ahead
I have no doubt…


Here I sit by the sea,
With so much beauty
surrounding me,
It is all so vivid, although
some days I cannot see,
the detail that I did before,


I am on my balcony,
Feeling the breeze
Watching the stars shine
down on me

A moment of sadness
A sigh, a tear
remember to blink,
I’m told
many beautiful memories
will unfold.

CCon 27.7.21

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