Walk and Talk

Real time talk any time and what a better time than when you are out in nature!

Getting together for a shared experience, becomes a beautiful backdrop for connection.

An opportunity to meet others, while you contribute to the needs of others in the community.

We have different walk and talk volunteer community members, who share the times and dates of their gatherings.

For example Gloria, Tricia and Nigel organise a quite frequent walk from the city (and sometimes elsewhere)

  • it is either a Saturday or Sunday walk
  • at various locations around Adelaide City (announced on our event calendar and Walk and @walkandtalkandcareandshare – FaceBook page)
  • for about 2 hours (or as long as you choose)

Other sessions, provided by other members of the community, will be shared on the calendar and Facebook page.

If you choose to ‘walk and talk’..

Bring a friend /s.

  • Bring your own personal items eg. water, snacks, masks, medications
  • Wear appropriate walking and protective gear
  • Engage based on your own fitness level and health condition

This is not a supervised, guided, managed or registered walk, rather a casual opportunity for people to meet and explore locations around Adelaide.

This invitation to walk together at the nominated time and location, is at your own discretion, choice and want.

There is no need to book, there is no fee, there is no monthly commitment.

Let the community member know if you intend to be at the start point of the walk via our facebook page.

We ask that each person respects the safety and needs of each other and the environment.

Physical distancing (or other standards) may be required.

In the spirit of the Real Time Heart Based Community, we ask that where possible, you gift a non perishable pantry item/s or personal care item/s to add to the Share Care Box, located at start of the walk. (click here for more about who receives the donated items)

Real Time Conversations

This community project is about real human connection.

We know that now more than ever, we need to reconnect and make the time.

To listen. To have real conversations. To connect beyond words.

Time. A vital investment.

And that’s what Real Time Conversations is about.

Gathering to talk about the real stuff, real topics, in a variety of ways.