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Comic – poetic expression

‘Comic ‘ – there are different ways of using the word. This week our expressions were around the comic book, and there were lots of themes that emerged.

That’s what we love, where a word takes us, and where we let ourselves journey to. Lots of stories to share through the poems, and also simple messages and discoveries about ourselves and life itself.

Hope you enjoy the expressions and please feel free to explore this word, and let your feelings flow out. Where does it take you?

Feel free to join in with this unique approach we journey through each week. It’s more than the word, it’s where it leads us, it’s what arrives, it’s a gateway to what lies within.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

The next word is ‘shelf’.

Hope to see you there. This session will be on 19th June (missing the 12th for the public holiday).

What I couldn’t see before…

I’ve never really read comic books
Didn’t know what the fuss was about
What is it that makes these books so popular?

As I looked to find out more, 
I observed the nature and style of the artistry
The talk bubbles telling the story 
A short story about an incident or situation 

It was however a genre that I never really got involved with
As a child I enjoyed colour and motion from the TV screen
And read wordy novels with hardly a picture to be seen

So now as I look to the word comic
I notice a comic book on the shelf 
(how did that get there you may ask?)
So I take the time to notice the detail 

And wow! I realise the layers of skill 
That is required to bring the colour, the script, the wonder 

For the first time, I realise the joy in journeying through the story, 
through a conversation with characters, 
such colour, pazazz and such expression

Star Trek, burden of knowledge… what the?

Looking deeper into the graphics
Looking deeper into the script
I begin to feel it’s motion
I begin to feel the joy of what it brings… 

I realise that this word for the week
For this poetic expression
Has led me to a place of openness to explore 
What I couldn’t see before… 

And for that I am grateful

TLaB 5th June 2023

Born to play…

After turning 18, 
have you ever been told that you should be more mature? 
For example,
having a calm face instead of full of facial expressions and an animated voice;
throwing away your comic books because they were written for children;
and stop wearing all your beloved jumpers with cartoon prints otherwise, people will
laugh at you for dressing too childish.

But, what’s the benefit of doing these? 
So I can be free of judgment from others?
Then my life quality will get improved?

Why do I see the opposite effect?

Because by doing that, 
my inner child won’t be happy,
She doesn’t like to fake,
and some sources of her joy will be taken away.

So, I rather,
I rather forget all of these external expectations, 
and just live like a leaf, 
light and free.So, I won’t be reminded of my age anymore.
So, I can just play,
play like a child, 
and behave as my heart desires,
to experience this one and only life,
in my unique Qian’s way.

XQZ 5th June 2023


I was in year 7
Things were not going so well
But then there was Giant Man
He had problems too

He could not shrink
When he wanted to
Or grow tall
At will like he knew

The readers were getting restless
To free him of his ailments
To restore normal service
What would the writers do?

This was foremost in my consciousness
I was carrying this concern
How would the world be saved
This needs working through

The heroes found an answer
There was a chemical change
Together with a new costume
He was no longer giant man, could this be true?

They changed his name to Goliath
Omg! What the? How could this be
It may have made sense to the authors
Not to me, even if new

The character seemed to like it…
The avengers said ‘you’re a real Goliath’
I felt that something was lost
Why now? Have they really thought this through

My world of marvel and DC
Was regularly interrupted
By teachers of all people
What I have got into?

I had to give it up, it was uneconomic
The change had no logic
My distraction was chronic
It was ironic
My learning subatomic
That I had to stop reading my comic!


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