Heart-Based LivingTM
Transform your Way

Release the passion in your organisation
Employees, Leaders, Stakeholders

See, feel, do, differently

Is your organisation looking to:

  • create a caring culture for people, organisation and stakeholder wellbeing?
  • improve responsiveness, creativity and viability?
  • simplify/improve systems, structures and compliance?
  • improve awareness to respond to what matters?
  • develop people to contribute, adapt, relate and lead?
  • transform for sustained growth/improvement?

…then this online program is for you!

It is flexible and fits in with busy schedules.

This unique program can guide your people to

discover their whole self: to awaken their senses and unlock all that they can bring.
work on themselves: to practice self-care and improvement.
appreciate their unique self: to contribute their energy and ideas.
open up to possibilities: to learn, grow and innovate.
relate to their self and others genuinely: for meaningful relationships with trust to express, listen and collaborate.
bring more of their ‘real’ self: to naturally engage and inspire others.
leave others the space to be themselves: to discover what they bring and improve contribution.
feel for what matters: to streamline systems, structures and compliance approach.
live from their heart, with their mind in support: for the capacity to better care and adapt to challenges.

What is included?

  • Registration available by employee groups with efficient csv file import option
  • Lifetime access with personal login for each employee
  • Email notifications and immediate access to program modules (including videos, audios, resources, activities)
  • Access to weekly drop-in Zoom guiding sessions at suitable times
  • Supported practical work
  • Sharing with others via the website and modules

What else can be freely accessed?

  • RTHB Podcasts – insights into heart-based living
  • Online events – practice of expression and connection
  • Community Projects – opportunities to be involved

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Note: There will be additional fees for scoping and level 3 which integrates the program with the priorities of the organisation which will be provided after discussion. Each person can also purchase personal support sessions.

More Information

The directors, Tricia and Nigel, share more about the program in this video:

Please click on the tabs below for more details:

This online program includes:

  • Questionnaire: Where are you now and what have you noticed?
  • Module 1
    • Foundations and themes that underpin the approach
    • Heart-based vs mind-based
    • Wants and not-wants
    • Self-care; what does it really look and feel like?
    • How does deep change really happen?
  • Module 2
    • Discover your senses and feel your heart
    • Tuning in on a deep and intuitive level
  • Module 3
    • Discovering the rules, behaviours, habits and patterns that maybe limiting you
    • Discovering your unique self
  • Module 4
    • Being all of you HMBS
    • Relating and adapting in real time – in moments when it matters
  • Module 5
    • Moving through stages, changes and challenges
  • Module 6
    • Life vision and choices
  • Module 7
    • Practical scenario building
    • Ongoing practice, improvement and working on the self
    • Ongoing improvement and working on the organisation

There is a strong body of research behind this program and approach. It includes heart coherence where positive emotions can lead to improved functioning of the whole self (heart, mind, body, spirit). The program is designed to bring positive emotions to you.

Holonomics plays a vital role in heart-based leadership as it is about understanding what everyone brings, not just their role, and utilises humility and adaptive leadership to make the most of each person, the following is from ibii-us.org:
Holonomics stimulates leaders to
understand: a) their systems as organic and dynamic interrelated units, b)
to appreciate the lived experience of each person (students, parents,
employees, the school community), c) how shared meaning emerges in the
organization over time allowing it to become agile, efficient and
transparent, and d) how human values are the basis for authenticity,
agility, and change within an organization (Robinson and Moraes
Robinson, 2014).

According to HeartMath (https://www.heartmath.com):
‘Tuning into your heart’s wisdom creates a profound shift within that helps you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity and personal confidence.’

It is worth noting that any community statistics will be represented in organisations also to a certain extent, which can be an indication of what people bring with them to work eg mental health, domestic abuse, self-harm, drug/alcohol use etc. This program can help with people working on themselves.

Questionnaires and reflections throughout the program – which when coupled with how you feel makes up your personal evidence

The intention is to:

Find the Self:
connect with the feelings, senses and intuition

Learn your Way:
discover purpose, path, creativity and passions,
work on and care for the self, improve the organisation

Discover the Way for the organisation:
connect with stakeholders, transform, become more adaptive and innovative

Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) provides programs, community projects and events and support/guidance. It was co-founded by Tricia LaBella and Nigel Stedman, who share a mission to help everyone find their hearts and experience their authentic selves bringing lasting peace and inner contentment. While their journey led them on different challenges and paths, they come together with this common vision. Based upon research and universal laws, they bring their lived experiences to share this unique approach for people to find their way. They too continue with their own practice for ongoing improvement in all aspects of their lives

About Nigel:

‘I have arrived to this point in time with a range of work and professional experience in leadership, governance, consulting and improvement in over 500 organisations large and small. This coupled with my tertiary studies have led me to identify what makes organisations successful and how to create the best environment for a sustainable and successful organisation with its people. I have discovered what really matters and makes a difference‘.

About Tricia:

‘I have experience in many industries including counselling, fitness, coaching, education and wellbeing and this combined with my personal life situations, including a cancer diagnosis in 2006, and life journey as a parent and grand-parent, has helped me to discover a simple truth about feeling truly happy and successful.’

‘Together, we have combined our lived experiences to create a unique program that reaches people at all levels and makes a real difference to organisation and its stakeholders. The program has been proved to work and is also supported by research. We hope you will have a chat with us about how it can make a difference in your organisation. Our warm regards Tricia and Nigel’

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Testimonial Audio/Video

YP describes her experiences of the program…

Realisations, self-care and compassion:

Senses, intuition, feeling vs thinking:

Why this program:

Why recommend it to others:

Written Testimonials

“The biggest discovery, have been the rules I have been upholding, without realising the limitations I have discovered to listen to my heart and express my feelings.

I liked the dynamic between Nigel and Tricia and I felt heard and supported, with no judgement” (BF)

“I feel more confident to say when I don’t feel I can manage to do something and to take things slower but be more present.

Thank you for your support and wisdom!” (KY)

“I’ve discovered that my priorities need to be adjusted. I feel I’ve gained more insight into why I often feel overwhelmed.

I have very much appreciated and enjoyed the face-to-face sessions with Tricia and Nigel” (PM)

“I have discovered to listen to my heart, express my feelings, do conscious choices in my life. The most important: do what do you want to do with love.

I‘m impressed with the results of this program.” (MR)

“More conscious of panic/racing thoughts. Being aware, practice There is so much out there to learn. Feeling much better, more content and slowing down my mind.

With my heartfelt gratitude to you both, very uplifting for me.” (CC)

More content. Opening my vision for the better, for me. To be more active. To actually do what I feel. Open my horizon to expand my day. To be stronger to make my own decisions.

From when I began the program till now I feel much better in myself.”  (CC)

“Looking at beliefs and rules I have created for myself was very valuable. The program and choices helped me to stay in the present and not think too far ahead in life.

Thanks again, your program really got me moving on things” (MH)

“Clearer focus on my priorities and making efforts to start exploring new ideas and  putting them into place. I am maintaining my fitness and equilibrium and reminder that my passions feed me!

Thank you Tricia and Nigel” (LF)

“Try to work out my limits and become more active in the things that I enjoy and have energy for. I have become more aware of the things that are most important to me

I am being more open about my needs to other people instead of keeping to myself.” (JM)

“The program has been a big journey of self-discovery, including my strengths and things to grow in, as well as the rules/beliefs I have been adhering to which don’t align with me.

Thank you so much to Tricia and Nigel for having me as part of this program, always touching base and truly listening and understanding to not only myself but every other wonderful participant (CP)

I feel I have a truer understanding of who I am and the path that I need to follow not for others, but for myself. I believe I have become more confident and sure of myself in a variety of areas.

… I am very grateful for the opportunity(CP)

This program helped me to form my direction with career, family and friends, and helped me to really understand who I am and what I want.

The biggest discovery is that everything is fluid, forever changing, and sometimes unexpected. However, this excites me…” (CP)