Heart-Based Living – Interactive Workshop

Let us bring this interactive session to you to kick start a Heart-Based LivingTM approach for wellbeing which can be part of an event, conference, community or workplace gatherings.

What is this heart-based session all about?

These sessions introduce a heart-based living approach, moving from a busy and chaotic mind to a pathway for flourishing with a greater sense of freedom, care, happiness and wellbeing.

Take-aways from the session include:

  • a heart-based meditation practice (heartfulness)
  • how to enjoy more of your moments
  • how to move toward feeling happier and better about yourself
  • an experience of sharing with others
  • a free card outlining a heartfulness practice and other useful information

Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB), is about growing caring communities with heart: bringing events, programs, and projects as pathways. RTHB approaches are based upon extensive research and insights. 

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