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Expression – poetic expression

Colourful Expression
Expression. So much to this word in terms of what it brings. So many forms of expression, poetry and prose, included. What expression would you give to the word. What does this word conjure for you?

Once again, it is a word that brought up different things for each of us. That’s the magic of what this can bring.
We hope you enjoy some of the poems from the session.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘fire’.
Hope to see you there.
Facial Expression


I’m not too sure when I stopped
Looking for signs in face to face conversations
I use to concentrate in my discussions
On the micro facial expressions
To gather deeper insights
By building on the obvious facial reactions
And developing finer visual acuity interpretations
Trying to distinguish the emotions portrayed
With the depth of feelings being constrained
After a while realising I lacked this skill
I fell back again to the tone and volume
Of their voices to help me understand
The complexity of where they stand
So now I rely on all my communication skills
“The Satisfaction of spontaneous interaction”
PJR             18.03.2024

Tree Bent

Thanks Dad

‘As the twig is bent,
So grows the tree’

Insightful, wise, profound, suggestive
Visual, ethereal, practical
Whatever the way
I still remember to this day
My dad’s expressions
That usually made little sense at the time
Only now I find
How blind I was to the message he wanted to share
I’m grateful though, he did dare to impart
These sayings from the start of my life
So they are well and truly entrenched
Not just sitting on a bench, unheard and silent
Actually filtering through
In the true stories I bring
To his future kin, his great grandchildren
A beautiful thread
that weaves a gentle tread
And links us all
through the passage of time
In a sublime moment
Of inner connection

18th March 2024 


Colourful Expression

My Favourite Way of Communication

What’s your favourite way of communication?
I know I don’t like text Because I can’t read people’s minds well based on words only
Many times, I was reading it too much
Let’s confess it
Isn’t it so easy for us to misunderstand each other by doing that?
That’s why I much prefer meeting in person or sending voice messages.
Why voice message?
Because I can read people’s expressions from their voices.
What if a person’s tone is flat?
Well, that is less likely to happen.
Because one of the pre-requisites for being my friend is you have to be an expressive person.
To fill the world with all your colours
How important and fun it is

18th March 2024

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