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‘Keep Moving’ lifestyle… challenge

Are you an up and down exerciser? Sometimes it seems a challenge to do formal exercise, sport or activities?

Sometimes you lose motivation with routine exercise and schedules? Are you someone who knows the benefits of exercise?

You feel more energised, feel better and look healthier… You’ve felt it before… and would love to feel it again?


Are you also faced with what many of us today face and that is a sedentary lifestyle?

You drive the car, sit at the computer, watch sport, television AND sedentary takes up a lot of your day?

Is your normal pattern of moving is quite sluggish and idle?

Do you just forget to get up and exercise?

Or perhaps you have other priorities like house work, work, kids?
OK so now… the question -Would you like to find a way of moving – that fits easily into your day, no matter where you are or what and who is around?

And that feels great and energises to actually move more?

Well that’s what we’re going to explore through the Keep Moving challenge #keepmovinglifestyle

Our passion is to ‘keep everyone moving’ – even if you are faced with challenges around motivation, health, lifestyle…


Because we know the value and benefit of moving!

Read a little more about the research

We’re exploring an exciting new approach… to help make that happen…

Are you up for a fun, rewarding and potentially life changing challenge?

OK so here’s the deal… we want the norm to shift from a sedentary to a moving lifestyle…

And here’s how…

We know there are around 16 waking hours a day so the aim is to bring more natural movement in more of those hours –

So it doesn’t stop you from doing the other exercise you enjoy such as the gym, sport and other activities

This FOCUS however, is on the time in between,

We’ll be looking at parts of the day, your location, what you are doing and how you can move more every day – as a way of life amongst it.

So we want you to share what you do too… and together we’re sure we’ll have a ton of ideas around how to move more in the day…
We look forward to what you share…

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The first of our challenges
‘Swap to squat’