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Happiness… Poetry 15-3-21


There are 2 poems on the left that were written before the session, and there is a summary of the expressions shared by those who participated in the session on the night. There were lots of interesting views around happiness. Hope you enjoy the words expressed.


PJR       15.03.2021

A purring cat upon my lap is curled

Into the void my worries slip and fall

Rays of golden sunshine warms my world

In the silence I no longer hear my troubles call.

The music in my ears now plays a different song

A new beat sounds that is soft and calm

I hold these notes in my heart where they belong

This harmony strumming a soothing balm.

As I drift upon this wave of serenity

I watch the dust motes float upon the air

Each fleck a part of our single mortal entity

How I define and depict the world I share.

I greet this moment of simple pleasantness

These whispering feelings that is my happiness.



What is it?

Happy sounds happy…

OK happy as in ‘up’

uplifting, light.

The word itself, an energy,

that feels worthy of pursuing.

The pursuit of happiness…

I want to be happy!

But is that it?

The Holy grail?

Or is it the sign?

That in feeling happy,

Albeit in a moment,

You’ve connected deeply

with something that mattered.

When happiness bubbles up

in a moment,

It brings you to life

You feel the magic of it…

To what is true..

What is true?

Where does it come from?

From a seed of truth within,

happiness grows

So.. what is real

what is true for me?

To be happy?

Sitting by the sea, Or under a tree,

Feeling free – to watch a movie or even mid summer’s night dream!


to be..


to just be me..


A state we can’t be in forever

We get caught up in our own minds and that stops our happiness

Cats sitting on laps – that brings happiness

Dogs have a sense are there by your side when a personal is not well – brings happiness

We can all find some piece of happiness in something we love

We can say we are happy with work our lives or what we’ve done 

Like with everything it is a fleeting moment

Things bring happy times 

You only see happiness in moments when you notice it

Contentment rather than happiness. 

Happiness when you feel safe

Can you feel happy when you’re not safe… 

Comfort and contentment can feel safe

Laughing brings joy energised 

Spike Milligan’s poem on a smile

With face masks we can’t see the smiles… 

We may have to make our eyes smile more!

It’s hard to smile unless it’s real

Laughter yoga – is it real

It’s real when you feel it

You can cry from laughing 

You can laugh from crying 

Shifting emotions 

Overarching happiness can exist even when there are ups and downs

Can you choose to be happy?

Yes.. you can…

You can choose to do what brings you happiness.. 

I choose something I want to give – that brings happiness 

Giving brings happiness

Kindness brings happiness

Sometimes we get sad over things that are not really important like a broken phone… 

If you choose to get down, then you can spiral into slump… 

Is happiness a feeling or a choice… 

Being able to choose is freedom and that’s something to be happy about… 

What is it about being happy over someone else’s downfall? 

Is that happiness?

If you don’t know any other type of happiness  you may not know happiness…

Are you sure you are really happy?

The flaw is in the pursuit of happiness… 

Happiness is an inner state

Happiness is bliss

And bliss is eating chocolate

Elation when it arrives out of your body 

You can be happy with your life

Even though there are good and bad times… 

You can grieve the loss but you can be happy you had it… 

Is happiness a capacity to be able to find it… 

An inner state that enables us to see things in a positive light… a lightness with choices. 

Someone in pain… with happiness as an inner state can keep you going…. 

Dr Happy said it’s a choice with how you wake up and move through the day… 

Some people go through so much and yet they express life through a happiness lens

We just don’t critically analyse our emotions… 

Do we see how we behave… 

Do what makes you happy today, right now -because you never know when it will be your last breath

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