For You, is about you.

A way to share and enjoy the things that make your heart sing.

Acknowledging the small things that make a difference to your life,

Sharing and being inspired, with each other.

It’s small things that matter, and this brings that out.

How can this type of event be brought to you?

If you are looking to bring together a group of people for some self care, e.g. a work group, carers, community groups… contact us.

This ‘For You’ event, provides a taster of wellbeing (breathing, mindful moments), interaction (expression and activities),  movement (chair based, tai chi and more) and other purposeful activities (repurposing plastic to make yarn ‘plarn’ items such as mats and balls),

as well as pathways for getting more involved in the community (knit a care square) and caring or the self, others and the environment.

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