ATEC Heart-Based LivingTM Session (May 2023)

Information and brief Questionnaire and for the Heart-Based LivingTM Session on 2nd May 2023.

As you know, we will be running a Heart-Based LivingTM session in May 2023 and wanted to provide some information and ask you a few questions.

1) What is Heart-Based LivingTM (HBL) about?

A key part of the Heart-Based LivingTM (HBL) approach is that it recognises you as unique in your feelings, wants, skills, talents and your lived experiences that have brought you to this point. By bringing an openness to working on yourself, this alternative approach can:

  • take you on a journey of self-discovery; connection with your heart, feelings and choices
  • help you to notice; what you are feeling, what burdens or issues you may be carrying and possible next steps
  • provide a path to realising your wants and passions, choosing and expressing honestly, from your heart
  • bring the practice for you to live your moments more fully as you
  • improve your self-care
  • bring true positive emotions that research has shown can bring benefits to your whole self
  • provide the guidance, tools and support on your path towards improved wellness, wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment in your life.
Chien shares her experience of the
Heart-Based LivingTM

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2) What will the session be about?

The session is intended to be interactive and experiential where we will:

  1. introduce you to Heart-Based LivingTM
  2. provide an opportunity for you to look at any issues and challenges that you are facing (or areas that you would like to work on) through a series of questions
  3. create space for you to record your responses to these questions and have something tangible and helpful for you to take away from the session
  4. provide an opportunity for you to express and share at the session (where you feel ok to do so(
  5. do a heartfulness moment together
  6. explain possible next steps from here including the online program and personal sessions available
  7. conclude with a Q & A.

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Warm regards from Tricia and Nigel

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