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Knit a Care Square Blanket AUCTION 

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‘Knit a Care Square Blanket’ AUCTION 

Since 2017, as a community, scattered all over the state, we have been knitting squares, joining squares, creating blankets to donate to people in the community who need some warmth over the cooler months.

We have during this time, auctioned some of the blankets, where the payment is donated to a charity of choice.

During this challenging time in our history, we are looking to take more care of each other and hope to auction to pass on the donation to feed and keep warm, those in the community struggling.

So, we have decided, to regularly bring these beautiful community created blankets to the auctioning sites, as a pathway to provide funds / support items to others in need. 

  • Thank you for placing a bid on the blanket.
  • The total amount of the highest bid, is donated to various organisations in direct contact with those really struggling.
  • The highest bidder will receive the blanket as arranged upon notification.

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