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Almost – poetic expression

‘Almost’ – an adverb that is used in relation to so many actions and instances; providing a sense of or feeling around many different emotions and possibilities. Almost that avoided something negative and almost that was close to something wanting, or almost that shed light on something in some way.

Where does the word ‘almost’ take you?

Feel free to join in with this unique poetic expression approach we journey through each week. It’s more than the word, it’s where it leads us, it’s what arrives, it’s a gateway to what lies within, a time to share and feel free.

Feel free to pass this on, comment below, or join in each week.

The next word is ‘connection’.

Hope to see you there.


Listen to Peter’s poem ‘almost’ here.

     I “Almost” said

I love you
The words never
Escaped my lips
I still wonder
How our lives
Would have transpired

Had I shared this “Almost”

PJR    25.07.2023


Almost there

Thought I had it all
Situations large and small
So happy full of fun
Then growing up life happened
It’s not like on tv, the Brady Bunch
For all to see false identity
The challenges, decisions
When life hits you in the face
Thought I knew it all
Thought I almost had it all
A lifetime later I grew up
And (almost)became me, thankfully

CCon 25/7/23

90 or 100?

As a female, I used to care about the details a lot.
I wanted to achieve a 100 mark.
So, when a job is almost done,
I would spend hours and hours,
changing and revising,
just wanting to make the gap between 90 to 100 smaller.

While for males, they are the opposite.
When a job is almost done,
they would stop.
“This looks great enough,
just finish that part,
and let’s move on to our next task.”

One time,
after being told to change the details of one of my flyers so many times without seeing
much obvious improvement,
I changed my perspective,
and I told myself,

“From now on,
I just want to be an ok miss,
as a man.
My time and energy is limited,
why not get more things done
and leave more of my unique marks in this world? You may disagree with me,
that’s ok.
This is my approach only,
and I respect yours.

 XQZ 25th July 23


for the top shelf
almost there
I’m too stubborn
to ask for help 

By Stella D.

Almost Godly

the intricate design of an unfolding flower
uncoiled a silent connection
to a pathway beyond
this reality…
it felt almost godly

TLaB 25th July 23

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