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With little time on our hands, we all managed to put down our thoughts about what the word ‘time’ conjured in us. Many themes, many common, surfaced. Here is what was captured during the discussion and evening. You’ll always notice it reflects the true happening for the evening… Some interesting things popped up this night! Thanks Kay for starting this expression with a few of your words, and below are the poetic expressions of 4 from the group! Such wonderful diversity, expression and honesty. Just beautiful, feels liberating and often like ‘therapy’!

Tick tock, tick tock, Once again I look at the clock, Have I got time,
Does it matter… Love a cuppa… I’ll stay for a chatter

Nigel roving now at the Post Office , what no clock! What a shame… not tonight,
Still in repairs… let’s follow that up… Town Hall clock instead…
Where the Beatles stood, that’s a step back in time, 1963

What a time being together tonight,  sharing about time, Love that, time – friendship …
Nigel is spending time on the streets and found a sign… Adelaide time has relocated – that’s an unusual…

Only we can determine if we are wasting time… Is that possible?
He’s taking his time? Every day, revolves around time… 

How much time does it take, I’d like to take time for friends, Time can run our lives… trying to manage time… 

different cultures feel differently about time….
In time, through time…  Your past… look to left, Your future, looks to right.
Some cultures do it differently.
Aboriginal – time is from the east, and ends in the west… 

Our solar system, time cycles… endless…  A measure based on the universe…
I’m late, I’m early… I’m running out of time…  You count on them being late…
Time behaviours… that take us away from life,
And lose time… Late, because I think I can fit in one more thing…

Time is a guide…  don’t worry about it… just when you get there…
Let’s not get stressed by time… does it really matter if we are late…
Deadlines… drivers, Agh!!  Time management – need to be fixed…
Oh dear, Kay has a water problem! And can you believe Nigel, sees a fire hydrant in that moment of time…

That’s amazing timing…
I get up early… I don’t need to, but I enjoy that time of the day, and doing the small things that matter, without rushing…
It feels like mindfulness… it leaves me having more time through the day for others…

Appreciating the crisp cold air..  Status Quo… has a song about time… As time goes by… by ?
If you’ve travelled on a plane for 12 hours, you realise it’s a long time,
And yet other days… it flies by – why is that? There is a theory that time is speeding up…. 

The thread between the breath… the umbilical cord to the universe…
The peace is between the breath… where thoughts don’t exist…
The natural essence of life… true rest – of who we are, the real you… 

What is time

We are unable to see or touch,
Do we ask too much?
Time rules lives, as well as the universe…
For the first time, I feel fre

Time in a bottle, A beautiful piece of music,
Time on my hands, Is what a lot of folk, do not have.
Turn back the hands of time, Would we like to do that?

Down time, Do we take time for family and friends?
Or are we too busy with not enough time?
Look forward to Poetic night,
Spending time with friends,
Oh! For that hour in time,

Nigel – our roving reporter, Showing us the sights of Adelaide, Come rain or shine.
Peter, with his poems, Brings backs memories and tears.
Kay, her input with knowledge and cheer,
Last but not least- Tricia – with her beautiful poems,

Her ability to capture all that has been said,
Putting it all together, so as not to lose the threads…
That hour of time,
Oh! For time and friendship.

LMol 15/06.21


Time to convey an abstract
A rule, a reason, when to act.
The sun, the moon, the stars,
Our measures set from afar

A standard time met by all

That sometimes we ignore.
Sun up, morning, noon and night.
We pass our time in our plight.

Choosing how much time we have to play,
We make up time, to spend our time, today.
Finding time to fulfil our dreams.
No time like the present it seems.

Hoping there’s time to go back,
And find the time we think we lack.
So many pressures, so many stressors,
The time restraints, time compressors.

We’re no longer on borrowed time,
Because we’re running out of time.
The timing on our timeline, isn’t timeless.
We have so little time left, no more, no less.

PJR       14.06.2021


People in the rat-race, state so clearly
That they wish they had the time, to do what they want so dearly
‘I would like to help, If only I had the time’
Is this the real mountain, that we have to cli

After all, with time, we know of only one
..that we measure and live by, the space in which things can get done
Why do some, have, …and some do not?
That is the riddle of life…how much time have we got?

If we live every moment truly
then our time may move more slowly
We have this lifetime, so let’s not kill time
Let’s make sometimes, to have more downtime!

To be all of who we are, with people we love
or who love us, or those with nothing but time…



It’s just a matter of time… Time after time…
It will be different next time…Time to turn…

An expression; A measure; A concept;
A dimension; to capture a moment

Through time, In time, By the time, Passing time.
Time, an obscure reality, To validate and give clarity
To my experience… To my existence…

Stored in memories, Vivid / invisible.
Felt in moments, Space, liveable.

Between the inhale and the exhale,
Exists the moment of time,

So don’t just ‘kill time’, Be in it…
Feel what it brings,

Love and sing, Life is not a piece of string…
What is it? It’s matter… It’s what matters…


To enjoy, to appreciate, to feel, to reveal…
The eternal possibilities… So…

Is there enough time, To shift the flow,
From what we know, For our hearts to grow?

Where time as a force, Between each breath,
Is more than pain, In the depth…

How can it be, that we begin to see? That simple things, matter,
to be free, Of the ‘chains’ of time.


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