During last week’s session, we chatted about the Running Man termed by Ray Martin of the visual from the terrain he often viewed travelling over the centre of Australia. It was from that this week’s word ‘running’ was chosen. The wonderful thing about any word, is the direction it takes people in, whether it is in the theme or the design of the prose or the poem.
Once again, it took us to different places and we all drew from our new or far experiences, situations and feelings.
Terry told us of her ‘runny’ nose, while ‘running’ a temperature, with the cold virus she described as futile to try ‘running’ from.
We discussed the term ‘running’ away and that could be from anything. Peter’s poem as seen below brought this out in relation to a very real and current topic. There’s a lot of fun, music, sport, nature, life moments scattered in these poems. Hope you enjoy them and they bring something worthwhile for you.


Running to do chores
Running to the bus
So much busyness engulfs us
The list is too long
To put in a day
Why have some lives
Gone this way?

Sitting the park
Hearing dogs bark at play
Listening to the rustle
Of the trees
Feeling the warmth of the sun
The coolness of the breeze.

Time is running out
So much to do
I’m lovin’ what I’m doin’
Are you?
No more running

CCon 2nd August 2021

Life… it’s not a run through

In through while with
water puddles singing friends

Last late slow fast
Race bus dance ends

The by on to
Vaccination others empty send

FREE, MAN, BEAR, A dance…
So much to share,
it’s more than a trance…

Running running, Out of time

Running last, Running late, Running fast
Another chance

Running running,  OUT OF TIME

TO run , TO walk , TO hobble , To find

No tomorrow, No unwind…

TO express now who you are,
ENJOY and embrace,
TO RUN like the wind
To run your best race…

Running running
Breathing well as you know
Sustains the pace
Keeps you alive with a glow…

The marathon –
Olympics we go,
Fernandez, the Spanish runner
Heart he did show…

‘Why not win the race?’
So many did SAY

But what does that do
In teaching the WAY?

To running your life,
With what matters each DAY….

TLab 2nd August 2021


Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Running away I have to survive
The blows and bruises
Hidden and disguised

Nowhere to hide

Raped abused and battered
Court orders don’t seem to matter
Running away I have to survive
Calling police so many times
I need their help to stay alive

Nowhere to hide

Spending nights and days in terror
Couch surfing can’t last forever
Running away I have to survive
Women shelters are my lifeline
Helping me on my upward climb

Nowhere to hide

Running away I have to survive

PJR    27.07.2021

Running looks to be important

If you’re a music fan
Then running helps
Kate Bush was running up that hill to make a deal with God
While Level 42 was Running in the Family

We can run a company
Or run out of fuel
Be a runaway
Or land on the runway

However if I carry on we might be running out of time
Unless I run to you
we can keep the engine running
As we were born to run

Just think how much would stop if we did not run :)

NRS 2nd August 2021

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