Pancakes (poetic expression)

How do you feel about ‘pancakes’ and what does it conjure for you? For many the smell, the shape the stories to tell.

Isn’t it wonderful where words and images can take us. So many times nice memories from the past. And of course there are times it takes us somewhere obscure… It’s hard to tell, where that will be when the word is picked so randomly.

This word, for sure did open some doors, into the past and what a blast, it was. The great thing is we chat and share about our lives, our feelings, our thoughts and the way we see life. We also open up to the views of others, and from that it expands ourselves.

Next week’s word is ‘pancake’. I wonder where that will lead us?

Hope to see you there.

Pancakes 5 & 9

Pancake 5 & 9

Delving down into my past
has left me feeling rather flat
flat as a pancake, in fact.

My mood lingers on events passed
the thin veneer I held comes apart
it expands and bubbles to appear 
like a swarm of hungry bees
they surround and tease me
Because, Become, Befriend
latent images and sounds bend
the past into my present sadness
that lends itself to a little madness.

I had travelled on the sea of creativity
sailing on ta boat named sensitivity 
I fought and controlled the storm of ego
and discovered the isle of vulnerability.

Within the fields of possibilities
flowers of vibrant ideas bloomed
I allowed myself to be consumed
I fell in love with their perfume
and the vase of my mind filled
with the arrangement of perceptions
such prolific, artistic, fertile expressions.
My imagination made new connections
to experiment with my imperfections.

Then the tide turned
and my flowers wilted
my purpose became stilted.

The wind at my back I set sail, a new course,
into unchartered waters with some remorse.
It’s here I landed with my chest of choices
on a continent filled with different voices.
A chance for a new life for me to build
where now I live, eat and sleep unfulfilled

Delving down into my past
has left me feeling rather flat
flat as a pancake, in fact                                        PJR    30.05.2022


No, it’s not cake, 
Not a biscuit or bread, 
This milk flour and egg, 
Makes a pancake instead

It’s flat and round, 
Not so profound,
Yet something so incredible, 
Makes it most edible 

With or without sugar
That’s your choice
With toppings so varied 
Tummies around the world 
Can rejoice

With lemon and sugar
Bananas, honey, jam, or cream
You can add what you want
So, it seems

I’ve had a savoury one once,
filled with cheese and chicken
Veggies and more
No matter which way 
They are easy to adore

I remember the first New Year’s Eve, 
When we stayed out all night,
And before we went home,
We thought we’d have a quick bite

Well guess where we landed, 
The only food place to sit in,
Can you believe it
was the Pancake Kitchen!

We ate pancakes that I loved, 
Easy to eat, a huge treat

However needless to say, 
The next day, 
I did feel as ‘Flat as… 
Yes, you guessed it, 
As flat as a pancake’.

TLaB 30th May 22


Milk, Flour, Eggs, 
Frying Pan
Oil, Heat
Is that it?
Starting with the ingredients
Oops shell in the mix
Could be crunchy for recipients
No worries, I’ll just take out those egg bits

Whisking the eggs is quite therapeutic
Watching the clear and the yellow
Become so through-thick
Wow so far so good and mellow

Now ‘folding’ in the milk and flour
It always seems odd to use a term for paper
It is getting so thick I need more power
Do not want to create lumps to devour

Leave it to stand for a few minutes
This gives me time to warm the pan
Dripping in the oil within the limits
Time to put on the cooker-hood fan
Otherwise the firies may arrive
With the pancake needing a revive 

The pan is now warm and so pour in the mixture
Slowly and surely it is cooked enough
It is now becoming a beautiful picture
Like a full moon at dusk

Time to toss it to get it cooking on the other side
I feel nervous, I have not done this before
Previously I cheated, moved away from the guide
Used a large plate to flip it, not anymore

One, two, three……. Um… four…. Five…
Up it goes, turning over once airborne
Gravity helps in bring it down…. alive…
It is going so fast in its own formation
I need to pan it… otherwise it will splat
I am going to need hand-eye coordination
Please please land in my pan
So I can cook you through, and avoid a ban

Here it comes, my pan is in line…
Left a bit, right a bit
This is tense, but benign
SPLAT! It landed… and guess what has began?
The other side is now cooking right in my pan

Get it back on the heat, while warming a plate
It slides out cooked on both sides
The lemon and sugar are ready to apply
A text arrives saying that she is running late…
I will just have to sample it myself for now
And make a new one for her when she arrives somehow
That is if all that I have done will work next time
Who knows, another mountain to climb(NRS)

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