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Melanie Smith RTHB Community Facilitator


Thank you Melanie for what you bring…

Director at Core & More Pilates

Melanie has been a movement educator for more than three decades and is passionate about teaching and supporting others to keep moving for life. She is proud to be an internationally accredited Polestar Pilates Mat teacher and is continually inspired by the power of the Pilates method to transform health and wellbeing. Melanie combines her skills as a Polestar Pilates teacher with a broad cross discipline skill set and tertiary qualifications in education, health promotion, health counselling, organisational and change leadership, behavioural change, and fitness leadership.She has received numerous awards for her service to the physical activity field including awards for contributions to health promotion, health education, sport, and for excellence in educational publishing.Melanie is a South Australian Fitness Professional of the Year and a nominee for National Fitness Professional.She founded Core&More in 2012 to work more closely with people in her local community.

The name Core&More describes Melanie’s core values – Respect, Commitment, Passion, and Integrity. It also represents Melanie’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and populations and it refers to the multiple benefits of regular physical activity – physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

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