‘Food’ – poetic expression

‘Food’ – where does it take you? I’m sure food can take us on so many journeys, and it certainly did just that.

The thing is with food, it is an essential for life in so many ways; of course to sustain us and provide nutrition for health and wellbeing, and then there is the emotional aspect that has been established within our culture and life experience.

So there’s every chance that ‘food’ can trigger memories, thoughts and feelings, with varying impact on us.

Where does the word take you?

Feel free to pass this on, comment below, or join in each week.

The next word is ‘winter’.

Hope to see you there.

My Story – Zongzi

Hello everyone, my name is Zongzi. 

Usually, you can only find me around June, 
a Chinese festival called Duan Wu (Dragon Boat Festival), 
and I am always easy to spot because of my jacket.

It is green, made of bamboo leaves.
And the shape is very unique.
It’s a triangle. 
With a good texture, 
neither too thick nor thin, 
perfect for the season. 
And it smells great too. 
A pleasant cocoa aroma.
Bringing out all the freshness,
that makes me feel so in touch with my dear earth. 

I am a girl, obviously, 
so my taste is sweet. 
People like to put Chinese dates and sticky rice in me. 
Some of my other sisters have red beans inside.
While my brothers are savoury. 
Because they have pork belly with dark soy sauce and other spices. 

Did you know, 
sometimes I find people crazy about my brothers because they are meat lovers. 
But, I don’t feel jealous, 
Well, everyone has different tastes.
They are out of my control.

However, you might wonder, 
why do I wear a jacket and always appear only for a short period of time, unlike other foods?
Is it because I am too shy to see people?
Of course not.
I love people!
There’s an old story behind my creation. 

I actually was born over 2,000 years ago. 
Can’t you believe it?
I know I know,
I don’t look old at all. 
I think a youthful and unstoppable curious and learning heart does make a difference.

Back to the legend.
There was a famous poet and minister of the state of Chu called Qu Yuan in 3 BC. 
One day he was slandered by his enemies and sent into exile.  
In 278 BC, Qu Yuan heard his country had been defeated by the Qin State, 
He was so desperate that he drowned himself in the Miluo River.
Locals were so sad and they rowed out on the river to search for his body in a rush, but they couldn’t find him.
In order to keep fish and evil spirits away from his body, the villagers created me. 
By doing that, I as a rice ball wouldn’t be eaten by dragons,
and fish could eat me and my siblings instead of Qu Yuan’s body. 
This tradition has then been passed on for thousands of years. What a beautiful act!
Ah, I am so proud of my origin.
I know the festival, the 5th of May in the Lunar calendar, has already passed this year.
But don’t worry, 
Mark the date down,
so you can come to say hi to me next year! 

XQZ 26th June ’23


Food for thought…

When my body dies, 
what will I be? 
Where will I go? 
Am I more than my body? 

If I can sense others in this life, feel their energy,
what actually lies between us?

If there is a connection between us all 
on a non-physical level,
will this remain
after my physical body no longer exists on this planet? 

If so, I wonder what type of non-visible network exists? 
Does it capture everything? 
Memories, happenings… 
From the beginning of time? 

Could there be such an exquisite matrix? 
That pervades the universe. 
Will we ever know?
It’s food for thought…

TLaB 26th June 2023


All the ingredients set out in a row
Now just follow the recipe it will all flow
Cooking away, in such a mess
As I stand in the kitchen and try not to stress
At the tasks I have given myself

Family coming to dinner, in such a flap
It always develops into a panic attack
Prawn cocktails in the fridge
Chicken slow cooking in the oven
Everything in a queue, nothing more to do

Fruit and cheese for after our meal
It all sounds so simple
Can’t help but feel things may go wrong
Prawns not fresh! Chicken not cooked!
Try to switch off as the family arrive

We sit and enjoy our time together
Chicken delicious mum, prawns so fresh
I sit and smile, why do I stress?
So uplifting to hear all their news
As they help themselves to more food

CCon 26th June 23


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