City of Adelaide

Free Personal Development and Mentoring Program

for City of Adelaide Residents

This program is ‘for you’ and free to enrol in and engage.

Find the way to rediscover you and your passions,

Explore the possibilities within your community,

Create meaningful connections with others,

Celebrate and make the most of living in the City of Adelaide…


  1. *This program will go ahead even during a Covid lockdown…face to face sessions will be replaced with zoom sessions.
  2. *To be eligible for the free program you must be resident or work/volunteer in postcodes 5000 or 5006. If you work/volunteer in Adelaide CBD (5000/5006) or live elsewhere and are interested in the program please continue to register.
  3. *Due to the Covid lockdown, the closing date for registrations has been extended to 30th July 2021.

To REGISTER click here

The program is fully funded and includes:

Community Connection in person interactive and engaging sessions, held monthly, between July and November.

Here are the times and the Adelaide City locations for the sessions being run:

  • On the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:45pm: Box Factory Community Centre
  • On the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:30pm : Adelaide South-West Community Centre
  • On the 4th Saturday of each month at 10:30am: North Adelaide Community Centre

In between these sessions you will have access to:

  1. An online resource: ‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’, to engage in your own time/ at your own pace (that supports breaking free from what may be holding you back, moving towards what you are passionate about and brings wellbeing, self expression and more self empowered choices)
  2. Zoom online sessions, held regularly each month: to continue conversations, connections, share, ask questions, explore topics

*Note: You will have life long access to the online resource, to support you through all stages and changes in your life.

[videojs_video url="https://realtimeheart-based.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/CoA-FyH-Connections-Intro-v1a.mp4"]

If you feel this is for you, what is your next step? 

Complete the registration form to enrol and express your preferences, and provide your details.

You will be notified of successful registration, and provided with what you need to get started.

To REGISTER click here

To read more about the online resource ‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’ click here

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