Donkey… (poetic expression)

Poetic Expression

Sometimes it’s fun to explore words that arrive from left field. Donkey, not a word you would normally explore around, however the direction it took us, was interesting!
Interesting the other words used for donkey such as ass and mule. Do you actually know the difference. This quick reference says:
An ass is what we consider a donkey, except that it’s wild. So, donkeys are domesticated asses: four-footed, hoofed mammals related to the horse, but smaller, with longer ears and a shorter mane, shorter hair on the tail, and a dark stripe along the back. A mule is a cross between a horse and donkey

Anyway these lead to some interesting patterns of speech and meanings associated with words and, as you’ll read below, with how words sound.
Where does the word take you? For some of us, it lead us into different worlds.
Hope you enjoy the poems and the journeys we ventured into in our expressions this week.

PS the word for next week is ‘suitcase’. Now I wonder where this will take us… Please feel free to join in.

Don Keigh

Sticks and stones 
May break my bones 
But names will never hurt me
That might not be so if your parents are sadistic
I think these kids would grow up antagonistic
Imagine poor Carole Singer and Sarah Nader
Or Dick Tate, Ben Dover or Levy Tate
Being introduced on a blind date.
The reaction at primary school for
Horace Cope, Arty Fiscell or Bennie Factor.
And those wishing to become an actor like
Holly Wood, Kay Oss or Felix Cited.
So unfair for Jim Nasium and Gerry Attrick
Their names being a bit melodramatic
Think of those seeking a career
Lori Driver, Sandy Beech and Lois Price
What a reaction they would invite.
Surely no level headed adult
Would name their child Jack Pott
Or Cullum Marie, Jay Walker or Crystal Ball.
Leaving them feeling totally small
Heaven forbid you were called Don Keigh
That would hurt a lot I guarantee.
Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee Haw.

PJR    28.03.2022


His name was Albert 
I used to watch him through the window
There, eating and walking slowly
In the sun, wind or snow

The window was a classroom
Full of other kids
Not the goat kind
The young human bloom

I always felt sad
When watching Albert
He had no one to play with
Standing there with no hurt

I would sometimes imagine
He was my steed
And we would jump the fences
And escape at speed

No-one would catch us
I would feed him carrots
We would be free
Riding in nature talking to parrots

There was many a time
That my dreams would be distracted
By the increasingly louder voice
Of the class teacher talking protracted

Ah well, back to the class
Into the trance
Nodding when by teacher
Gave me a glance

Albert would often sing
A tune that probably meant something to him
I could never work out what it was
Hopefully those of his kind felt the rhythm

When things settled again
My eyes would wander
Back to Albert
My secret steed, and uncomplaining friend.


Donkey, Ass, Mule

‘Don’t be a donkey’ 
Sayings, ouch!
Isn’t there even a game ‘Smart Ass’ 
Or is it ‘dumbass’ or ‘hardass?’

The donkey, nonetheless seen as less,
Perhaps to its near relative the horse,
of course 

So why is that?

Maybe it can’t run as fast, or stand with the same stature, 
Why must things be judged on grandeur? 

But what I know is that they are great friends not foe
Of my relatives from the villages in Italy… 
Working the land
And always on the go 

Their donkey or ‘asino’ the transport for their fill
the daily treks by the very old ‘nonna’s’ up and down the hill 

With their loyal servants by their side… 
Looking at them with gratitude and pride 

No sign of being ‘stubborn as a mule’, 
Another saying forming rules- so cruel

I see it’s more like choosing the pace, 
Not seeing it as a race 
Or fearing disgrace 

With those big beautiful eyes and ears 
Seemingly without fear
More just happy to be 
Now that’s a strength 
To be revered…


Donkey in the back

Left the farm, jump in the truck
Dust and heat under my feet
Found some time to collect the mail
And get on with the day

Arrive at the junction, collect the mail
In eagerness to return
I look up, and what do I see
A donkey, staring straight at me

Holy Moly! What a shock
A donkey should not be on this block
Back in the truck, donkey looking
Don’t look back!

Arrive at the farm to face my day
Donkey in the back
Another mouth to feed
With all these bills
That is all I need

Never underestimate your day
Your heart will guide you all the way


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