Your Business – Your Life’ Program
– a Development and Improvement Program for Small Business Owners and Proprietors –

The ‘Your Business – Your Life’ program recognises the changes brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic and provides support for the need to adapt, re-invent and create. As small business owners, there is often a number of dilemmas in how to have a viable sustainable business whilst maintaining a quality of life with adequate care for self and others, the work life balance.

With all the pressures and unpredictable situations, the ‘Your Business – Your Life’ program can be done online, at your own pace, in your own way and time. There are also monthly facilitated/coached zoom sessions for whenever you wish to drop in for help. 

Please click on the video below to hear more about the program: 

The ‘Your Business – Your Life’ program provides learning opportunities, improved emotional intelligence, coaching, facilitation  and tools for you to:

  • discover more about you
  • discover where you are and where you want to be,
  • understand and expand your real choices,
  • identify and work on improving aspects of yourself including your wellness/wellbeing and your relationships with others,
  • discover and work towards your passion and priorities for your life and blend these with your business
  • learn to put energy where it matters,
  • work out your wants and not wants,
  • identifying and overcoming patterns of behaviours or habits which limit/effect real progress,
  • continue to adapt and create, leading to innovations
  • better work life balance

The ‘Your Business – Your Life’ program provides the business and personal therapy to support you through the challenges of our time!

If after watching the video and reading the frequently asked questions you wish to get started you can go straight to the shop here, where you can configure your specific requirements or if you prefer you can book an initial consultation here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Your Business – Your Life’ Program
The cost per small business owner/proprietor is AUD$1,650.00 which includes:

  • lifetime access to the online coaching modules (including updates), a chat/forum and online facilitated sessions,
  • and, additionally for the small business owner, some specific facilitated/coached/consulted online sessions together with the opportunity to become part of the small business community

‘Lifetime’ reflects how the online modules will be there to support you through transitions and changes in your life and for as long as we can sustain it on our platform.

The program is updated when ideas, feelings, feedback and new developments arrive from being tuned-in to what is happening around us.

The program for small business owners is delivered online at your own pace and in your time. The key elements of the program includes:

Stage 1 How to live your moments, situations and life

  • a questionnaire/survey with stratified results
  • experiential, self-paced micro-learning modules
  • regular facilitated support/life coaching sessions
  • opportunities to bring your growth and learnings to your business

Stage 2 – Business and Life Choices – The facilitated/coached sessions include:

  • blending life choices and business choices in a future vision for a better life and work life balance
  • bringing it all together with a practical scenario to be worked on by identifying relevant business priorities/issues that could be worked on

To get started do one of the following:

  • go to the shop, register and pay here (* staged payments are available)
  • click here where you can purchase an initial zoom consultation, which will answer any queries and map out your specific needs

Upon registration and payment for the program, you will receive an email with information including:

  • access codes to be used by small business owners and employees for their respective programs
  • the process for each small business owners/employee to register and commence the program
  • the day/time of the facilitated online support sessions.

Yes, our Employee Development program which is based upon our ‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’ Program has been developed for employees and has common starting elements with your small business owners program. This program brings improved emotional intelligence, awareness, creativity, contribution and wellbeing. It awakens and inspires your employees  to discover their potential, passions and true self, bringing a natural caring and ease to more moments.

No matter their age, stage of life, situation they are in or how they are currently feeling, this program can help them to improve, choose what they want in their life and become more of who they truly are. 

The cost for employees is AUD$529.00 per person. This includes lifetime access to the online modules (including updates), a chat/forum and online facilitated sessions,

Yes, we have an initial zoom consultation available to purchase from the shop, here. This consultation explores:
  • your current situation, climate, budget, your needs and wants – specific and general for you / employees / leaders
  • the nature of the programs and sustainable RTHB emotionally intelligent (EI) approach for you / your organisation
  • a configuration mapped and tailored to meet the needs/wants of  you and your business ready for immediate access

We do offer what is called a ‘Heartfulness Interactive Session’. This session can be brought to your workplace / organisation either via zoom or face to face.
When gathering people in your organisation, this Real Time Heart-Based session, warms the air, creating an openness for what is ahead. You can find out more about what it involves, where it can be used, what it brings and how it can be of benefit to your organisation here.
Research Behind the Program

Please click here for a streamed presentation referencing the research

Philosophy Behind the Program

This program recognises and acknowledges that universal and emotional intelligence based learning e.g. about life, relationships etc. is very different from other types of learning e.g. educations, tasks etc.

(EI) Emotional intelligence-based learning is individual and influenced by many factors including who you are, how you have arrived to this point with all you have experienced and all you feel and want deeply for your life.

The program emphasises the uniqueness of each person e.g. their heart, feelings, wants, choices around their path, their purpose, their life and their death.

It recognises also that a person does not need to be fixed, rather that you have what you need within your heart and it is to discover who you are, what you are about and how to bring that true, real, authentic you, to the caring of self, others and the environment.

For that reason outcomes and benefits are personal and unique.

Potential outcomes of this Program for your Business include:

  • more valued, deep and honest relationships with customers and stakeholders leading to improved foresight, reputation and delivered value;
  • discovery/unlocking more of who you are, how you feel, what you bring (skills, creativity, talents etc), your wants and potential
  • deeper change, improvement, adaptation and response,
  • a sustainable approach where ongoing personal growthimproves your business,
  • the ability to to better foresee and adapt to changes / risks / opportunities locally and globally.

** Note: Stakeholders include customers, shareholders, employees, community, regulators, suppliers, contractors etc

Potential outcomes for you can include:

  • greater engagement, contribution, creativity, sense of self, wellness and wellbeing
  • discovering more of the skills and abilities that lies within and their emerging value and purpose
  • more learning from situations / interactions with a growing sense of awareness and care for the self and others
  • awareness, true expression, passion and choices for happiness and fulfilment
  • openness, honesty and willingness to look more broadly and imaginatively at situations arising
  • a way for personal improvement, in your own way and time,
  • working through improvement and challenging issues for you and your business
  • better balance between your business and your life

This program is relevant throughout your transition through stages of life and your business’s life cycle. (Note: there is lifetime access to the program)  

The program provides  a pathway to enhancing and improving your awareness and senses towards your heart and caring, to you noticing, expressing, choosing and being more empowered as your authentic and natural self. This can lead to more ease, happiness and a fulfilled way of life.

Experiences include:

  • feeling more adaptive 
  • feeling less lonely and more supported
  • feeling less stressed and with improvements in wellness/wellbeing/Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • an increased capacity/capability in listening/comprehension, self care and caring, empowering, responding, expressing and decision-making
  • more valued relationships with stakeholders and better understanding of their future wants/needs and what they value
  • ways to develop yourself in your business  

Why this program?

  • you discover for yourself, all of who you are and what you feel/believe
  • the program provides a person specific interactive experience, gently guided and self-paced
  • it is sophisticated, not complicated
  • it is practical
  • the program is supported by research and it has a beneficial ripple effect
  • you can apply the learning to all of your relationships, situations and choices in life
  • it caters for your different learning styles, with different textures of communication and practice
  • it is updated in line with latest research
  • it is more than a program and it is about community and provides many ways to be involved and to care
  • it is part of a bigger picture/vision towards a more caring world

What are the themes within the program?

  • issues around pleasing others, holding on to beliefs/hurts/legacy (personal/organisational)
  • relationships – understanding, behaviours, responses
  • making improvements to the self for emotional intelligence, wellness and wellbeing
  • difficult behaviour patterns, addictions and habits
  • breaking cycles of unhelpful patters of behaviour
  • reading situations and moments through improved awareness and intuition
  • making tough choices
  • letting go
  • true and healthy expression including speaking up, emotions, choices and decisions
  • ‘knowing me, knowing you’ – really knowing our true self and others
  • helpfully supporting self and others
  • discovering the leader within you and others
  • reaching through the past to understand the why
  • reducing overwhelm, decluttering and putting energy where it matters

The program provides experiential, organic and dynamic micro-learning opportunities. It caters for a range of learning styles with a combination of visual, auditory and sensory content, tools and experiences, which aims to bring about awakening, resonating, inspiring, practicing and triggering a range of emotions, and provoking different thoughts and ways of seeing.

It acknowledges that everyone is unique: you come with your own set of circumstances, experiences, skill sets, traits, beliefs, culture etc. and therefore the learning outcomes will be personal, in your own time, in your own way.

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