Small Business Owners/Proprietors Program

As small business owners, there is often a number of dilemmas in how to have a viable sustainable business whilst maintaining a quality of life with adequate care for self and others.

With all the pressures and unpredictable situations, the ‘Your Business, Your Life’ program can be done online, at your own pace, in your own way and time. There are also monthly support zoom sessions for whenever you wish to drop in for help.

The program provides learning opportunities and tools for you to:

  • discover where you are and where you want to be,
  • understand your real choices,
  • realise all of who your are including your skills/abilities/ strengths,
  • identify and work on improving aspects of yourself including your wellness/wellbeing and your relationships with others,
  • bring the genuine caring in a practical way for yourself, others, your business and stakeholders,
  • discover your passion and priorities for your life,
  • blend these with your passion and priorities for your business,
  • learn to put energy where it matters,
  • work out your wants and not wants,
  • continue to adapt and create.

Why is it different for small business owners? …medium to large businesses are typically separate from the people in it…. a small business owner is an integral part of the business and depended on for sustainability and growth.