Your Business -> Your Life – A development program for small business owners

A program that really works – for you – for your life

This program provides the tools, guidance and platform to find the balance in your life with the of leading in it from the heart with more ease and wellbeing. You can participate in this program at your own pace, in your time and your unique way. You have lifetime access and updates, to see you through all of your challenges, stages and changes in life.

“This program has been a big journey of self-discovery”

“I feel I have a truer understanding of who I am and the path that I need to follow not for others, but for myself.”

Verified Purchaser November 2021

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You can find out more about the program below:

Features of the Program

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Find your heartconnect with your feelings, senses and intuition

Find your Way – discover your freedom, purpose, path and passions

Find your Selfbecome your true, caring self in more moments and situations

This guided online program works on all devices and browsers. It is easy to follow and use anytime of the day or night. It will remember where you got to, so you can always work where and whenever is best for you.

Research plays a valuable role in learning and understanding. Links are provided throughout.

The focus with this program is more around your lived experience as this is how you know that things are improving and getting better for you.

Lived experience matters as this is your reality and so important to observe and value.

As Albert Einstein wrote: ‘Love is a better master than duty’

This program gently guides you to a more fluid way of life, to more openly adapt and change towards what you feel and know in your heart. 

Your circumstances have led you to here and we know that situations can change at any time.

Discovering and becoming more in touch with you and your feelings can help you notice, choose and in time, bring more of you to life.

This program provides you with a path and opportunity to discover, realise and practice.

– For all ages, stages and challenges in life –

Saying how you feel. expressing what you want, need or do not want, brings an honesty that we often find difficult.

Your heart, however, knows your truth and your wellbeing/happiness relies upon it.

This simple practice can begin to ripple into all aspects of your life including: your family, work, home and personal situations, leading to real personal growth.

We all learn and discover differently.

This program brings a multi dimensional learning platform with audio, video, video chats, rich text and visuals to enhance your personal experience and journey of discovery. 

The program is at your pace and in your way, with lifetime access. 

Learning and improving is an ongoing process. Every challenge or stage of life that you move through leads to ongoing discoveries and realisations.

The included monthly zoom sessions are where you can choose to share, engage and grow with others in the community.

You can be supported time and again by this program, with heart-based approaches which can be really helpful.

One-on-one support is also available (fees apply)

Tricia and Nigel are founders/directors of Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) and developers of the Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self Program.

They have both been through their own challenges in life and this together with their professional qualifications and experience (working with people and organisations in various capacities) has led them to their own realisations – that the path to wellbeing and happiness lies deep within each one of us.

RTHB is about is about Growing Human Spirit and Caring Communities around the world by providing Programs, Projects, Events and Connections for people to engage in their way, their pace and time using their unique skills and gifts.

The heart-based approach brings positive emotions and the empowerment to be all of who we are in our moments, situations and life. 

Tricia and Nigel love to have conversations to explore a heart-based living approach to the day-to-day topics and issues that we face.

They decided to capture their chats in 10-15 minute podcasts available to all at any time (in English only at this stage).

The link is shown below:

These short videos give an insight into the program and to Real Time HeartBased (RTHB):

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We have worked with:

“From when I began the programme till now I feel much better in myself.”

“It is a lifelong journey to discover myself. With my heartfelt gratitude to you both, I have made a small step and will continue to do my best and refer to the programme. Found others inspiring and encouraging to listen to. Very uplifting for me.”

Verified Purchaser November 2021

Find your Heart

Connect with your feelings, senses and intuition

Find your Way

Discover your freedom, purpose, path and passions

Find your Self

Be your true, caring self in more moments and situations

A warm thank you from us both, Tricia and Nigel (Founders)

About ‘Your Business – Your Life’ Program – a development / improvement program for Small Business Owners/Proprietors

With all the pressures and unpredictable situations, the ‘Your Business – Your Life’ program can be done online, at your own pace, in your own way and time. The key elements of the program include:

Stage 1 How to live your moments, situations and life

  • a questionnaire/survey with stratified results
  • experiential, self-paced micro-learning modules
  • regular facilitated support sessions
  • opportunities to bring your growth and learnings to your business

Stage 2 – Business and Life Choices – The facilitated/coached sessions include:

  • blending life choices and business choices in a future vision for a better life and work life balance
  • bringing it all together with a practical scenario to be worked on by identifying relevant business priorities/issues that could be worked on

Click here for more informations and FAQs about the development / improvement program for Small Business Owners, ‘Your Business – Your Life’