Organisation Real Improvement

We bring a unique approach to deliver on vital aspects of organisation performance

We break the mould and bring. a different approach aimed at making a real and deep difference
See, Feel, Do, Differently.
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Viability, adaptability, sustainability, reputation
Working with you to analyse and improve these core measures with a different and adaptive approach
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Leadership and innovation
Bringing out the best in every person and forming meaningful relationships using a different way to learn and practice* leadership
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Attraction, retention, development, wellbeing
Putting in place the building blocks to visible and felt improvements
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Achieving vision, purpose and goals
Bring a focus on these aspects and how to move towards them collectively and aligned with your values
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Governance, Obligations and Compliance
Gaining clarity and focus on how to meet this without the bureaucracy and noticing the benefits, Working with boards to create more dynamism which ripples throughout.
Information Systems and AI
Working to embrace AI while maintaining values and vision.

Our flexible process for assisting you

We bring an approach which is aimed at making a real and deep difference using our see, feel, do, differentlyTM methodology.
We will establish your current position and where you would like go. Tools:
Pathways to Real Improvement
We collaborate with you to develop the most effective pathways to achieve tangible improvement in areas that matter
Making a difference in what matters.
This is a crucial as we only put energy and effort where it matters. This affects organisation-wide including what is measured and monitored, investments and incentives
RTHB for Organisations

Range of Services

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Surveys, Questionnaires and Infographics
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Interactive Workshops
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Review and Analysis, Systems and processes
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Executive Coaching and Board Mentoring
Leadership selection and development
Personal Session
Personal development sessions
Real Time Heart-Based for
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Ongoing guidance and support
We genuinely care
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Does this approach really work?

Yes, it only relies upon; openness to discover and learn, practice to make improvements way of life. People of diverse ages, backgrounds and situations have benefited.

Excerpts from testimonials about RTHB

What our clients say about us

“The biggest issue for me have been the rules I have set and been living within without even realising the limitations I was setting on myself. I liked the dynamic between Nigel and Tricia and I felt heard and supported, with no judgement”
Verified Participant
“From when I began the programme until now I feel much better in myself. It is a lifelong journey to learn about the self. With my heartfelt gratitude to Tricia and Nigel and will continue to do my best and refer to the programme. .”
Verified Participant

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos

Real Time Heart-Based Brings

Working together for tangible improvement

Each person contributing their insights and skills
Real Time Heart-Based

Less Churn and anxiety

Working on self-improvement, emotional intelligence, to respond to challenges and issues. Better equipped for organisational improvement
Real Time Heart-Based

Practical Support with Concrete Steps

Working through issues and taking guided steps that work
Real Time Heart-Based

Developing Leadership

By guided, discovery, practice, improving emotional intelligence and learning to lead in their own lives
Real Time Heart-Based

Finding Deep Happiness and Creative Energy

From guided discovery, healing and practice
Real Time Heart-Based

Bringing curiosity and creativity

From openness, heart and senses
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