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Thriving in this current global climate, organisations are needing to be ready for the unknown, adapting and adjusting, listening, and noticing closely and beyond, while caring and considering the wellbeing of its people and the environment within and outside of the organisation.

A proven program that really works, for life

“From when I began the programme till now I feel much better in myself. It is a lifelong journey to discover myself. With my heartfelt gratitude to you both, I have made a small step and will continue to do my best and refer to the programme. Very uplifting for me.”

How does an organisation build a capacity for this? It is becomes more possible when people…

…are doing what they love and are where they want to be…

…are contributing and creating in ways that feel good and do good…

…are focused on, and care for, what is helpful to themselves, others and the planet…

using your energy positively, effectively and finding your passions

…are adapting, growing and improving yourselves, systems and approaches in ways that matter…

being at peace with yourself

Tricia LaBella Founder/Director

“For so long, I felt I had to do and be what others wanted of me. Once I discovered what felt right for me, I began to choose differently, and I realised I could. I told my friends I didn’t want to drink alcohol anymore and chose to do more things that mattered to me and were good for me. I found I could express my truth, how I truly felt.

Why this way?

  • Happy staff – know themselves, can identify what they want, what is getting in the way and better express and move towards what feels and does good.   
  • Engaging teams – love what they do, and feel safe and valued to share and be themselves
  • Caring leaders – know how to lead and improve in their own lives, and encourage others to be all of who they are, and lead the way for happy staff and engaging teams
  • Flexibility and progressiveness – to free all systems of the organisation, to adapt, innovate and improve
  • What does this bring? As a whole, more ease and natural happiness, wellbeing and contentment, success, and positive outcomes

To develop an environment where people…

  • Engage in ongoing personal awareness, heart-based journey of discovery and improvement (always new things to discover about yourself)
  • Engage in ongoing practice (always new situations with challenges)
  • Move towards openness and honest responses (when it matters in real time)
  • Enjoy being all of who they are and appreciate that in others (new ways of relating and engaging with self and others)
  • Create ways, systems and approaches based on new findings

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“This program has been a big journey of self-discovery”

“I feel I have a truer understanding of who I am and the path that I need to follow not for others, but for myself.”

Verified Purchaser November 2021

Tricia and Nigel share more about the individual program in this video:

Information about the Program

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  • Improve your understanding and awareness of you
  • Use honest expression to release inner stress and anxiety
  • Use your emotions to help guide your choices
  • Learn how to see, feel and do differently
  • Identify more of what you want, less of what you don’t want
  • Find your passions, happiness, and success through self-improvements
  • Develop your senses to discover and notice more
  • Move from rules, behaviours and habits that are getting in your way
  • Experience the positive impact of heart-based behaviours and responses
  • Relate and adapt in real time, in moments when it matters
  • Discover your unique self and all that brings

Research plays a valuable role in learning and understanding. A broad range of links are provided throughout the program platform.

The focus with this program is more around your lived experience as this is how you know that things are improving and getting better for you.

Lived experience matters as this is your reality and so important to observe and value.

As Albert Einstein wrote: ‘Love is a better master than duty’

Hi, I’m Nigel, a founder of RTHB and developer of the Find your Heart program. While I have arrived here with a range of work and professional experience in leadership, governance in organisations and business, it has been through my own personal life and journey that I have discovered what really matters and makes a difference to my own wellbeing and happiness.

…and, I’m Tricia, also a founder of RTHB and developer of the Find your Heart program, with experience in many industries including counselling, fitness, coaching, education and wellbeing, feel that it is through many of my personal life situations including a cancer diagnosis in 2006, that I have discovered a simple truth about feeling truly happy and successful.

Together, we see how moment by moment heart-based practices and caring choices, although small and simple, play the most significant role in underpinning and creating helpful new directions for ourselves, systems, governments, communities, and industries.

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Find your heartconnect with feelings, senses and intuition

Find your Way – discover freedom, purpose, path and passions

Find your Selfbecome true, caring self in more work moments and situations